Knock-Off Rope Bowl

One day while I was cleaning the house I had on Nate – he had a designer on the show and they were talking about this rope bowl.


They were talking about how stylish and great it was and how it could fit into anybody’s décor and I thought – “ohhh! I need one of those!” So I hopped on line and found it – but had to put on my frowny face when I saw it was $34 – not including shipping. I just couldn’t justify it.


So I thought about it and thought about it – and now you can’t even purchase it – it is unavailable.

Which is A-Okay by me because it just so happens that I made my own…

rope bowl 21

… For wwwaaaayyyyy less!

Come back tomorrow and I will show you how!

P.S. Have you linked your blog up to the Creative Blog Party yet? Because you really should….


Studio Gypsies said...

This is so cool! Thanks for the idea!
Much Blessings!

Samantha said...

Dare I say it but your version is so much nicer than theirs!! x

Sophia said...

Θα φτιάξω ένα για φρουτιέρα. Καταλικτική ιδέα!!


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