Paint a Frame With Something Inside {Tutorial}

Remember waaaaayyyy back in March when I showed you a sneak peak of my daughter’s room?

Baby Girl's Bedroom

I don’t blame you. I have been such a slacker with her room so I have been working on all the little details lately and have been so happy with the progress I have been making. I will reveal the room soon but for now I have a little tutorial for you.

spray paint a frame with something inside

Do you ever find an awesome picture or mirror but hate the frame color – and you flip it over to find that you practically have to tear the whole thing apart just to get the picture or mirror out?

That happened to me. I almost put the mirror back because I hate not being able to get the frame off easily – but decided to bite the bullet and just go for it! When it comes to crafting this is a huge hurtle for me - I don't know why but I am such a chicken when it comes to this but really the solution is so easy and I love the results!

I found this really cute mirror at Hobby Lobby and even though I like black, I wanted it for my daughters room.

Spray paint a mirror

First: I wiped it down and cleaned it off.

Spray paint a mirror1

Second: I used masking tape and taped as close to the frame as I could.

Spray paint a mirror2

Third: I used my razor blade and made nice clean cuts so I had nice clean edges all the way around.

Spray paint a mirror3

Spray paint a mirror4

Fourth: I used plastic garbage bags and lots of masking take to fill in the remaining area. Make sure every edge is sealed so there isn’t a chance for any paint to get underneath.

Spray paint a mirror5

Fifth: I primed it.

Spray paint a mirror6

Spray paint a mirror7

Sixth: I sprayed it “Everglade Glen” by Valspar – I love it!

Spray paint a mirror8

Spray paint a mirror9

Last: After it is totally dry – pull off your masking take and plastic and enjoy!

Spray paint a mirror10

Spray paint a mirror11

I love it! And after seeing how easy it was to work around the mirror – I will totally be keeping my eyes open for darling things cemented into their frame instead of avoiding them!

Stick around – I have some more little projects I have been working on!


Amy said...

Adorable. I love that green so much more then the black frame. I tend to overlook things like that as well.. Not sure why. And btw don't ya just love some spray paint.

Samantha said...

I love this green, it makes me think of spring and fresh things! xx

Kara said...

I am just the same when it comes to hard to remove frames! But this turned out lovely, so I'll have to not be scared anymore. LOL!


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