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Talk about it Tuesday

Last week I shared with you a little tutorial about painting a frame with something inside. I talked a little bit about how it was such a craft hurtle for me and how I avoided it – Why was I such a chicken? It turned out just fine and I love the result.

Do you guys do that? Hold yourself back because you have a fear of creating something? Do you see a project and think “ugh, I don’t think so!” but then talk yourself into doing it only to find it was better than you thought and the results bring you pure joy?

I try to go “outside” my box and try new things but every once in a while I see something new and think “I know if I try that it will be a disaster.” I wish I had the confidence to just jump into anything with the hopes that it will turn out just fine – but maybe I don’t because I am too harsh on myself – after all I am my worst critic.

What have you been holding yourself back on? What do you want to try but are unsure of?

Let’s discuss…


Trina Rae said...

I am petrified of sewing button holes. I have never done a project that required buttonholes because of it. I'm currently starting a dress for my daughter through a sew-a-long with Craftiness is Not Optional (super adorable, btw) that requires six buttonholes. I'm not backing down. Luckily, I have a super crafty mother who has sewn many a buttonhole in her time who is going to help me with the endeavor. Eeek!

Amanda K @ Every Creative Endeavor said...

Oh Trina! That is a good one! I am scared of button holes too - they seem like they would be so easy but so hard at the same time - let me know how it goes - I am sure your dress will be darling!

Stacy Orndorff said...

EVERY project I dive into I go into with complete expectation of failure and disappointment. I'm not letting that stop me. Blogging about my successes helps and encourages me to keep trying!

I wasn't sure how to go about this: http://bit.ly/r0UyLj, but I did it and then did it again WITH pictures even!

Great topic!


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