Talk About It Tuesday–Triberr

Welcome to Talk about it Tuesday! A new series that starts today right here on ECE!

Talk about it Tuesday

Do you ever sit at your computer and stare at something and think –
“I wonder what other people think about ________?”

I do.


So, I decided to do something about it and I hope you will help me out. Each Tuesday I will bring up a topic that I have been thinking about and I want you to leave a comment about what you think. Sometimes it will be about blog stuff – sometimes about personal stuff (like how on earth do I potty train a boy!) and if you have something you would like discuss email me and I will see if I can work it in somewhere! I promise to be proactive in the comments and leave comments back so we can “discuss it” a little bit. I decided to do this for 2 reasons: 1) I am really curious about things and I know you can help me out;
and 2) I want to get to know you better!

So – have you guys heard about Triberr? I am still fairly new to it  but these are the things I know about it:

1. You have to be invited into a tribe.
2. Once you are invited, you are in a tribe and then the chief of 3 others.
3. You can only be in one tribe – so if your friend is in another tribe you can’t be together.
4. It is all based around Twitter.
5. The more people in your tribe the more people you “reach” on Twitter.
6. Throughout the day each member of your tribe will automatically tweet out your new “feed” – once.
7. It is all automatic so you don’t need to be signed in.
8. If you want, you can scheduled posts to tweet out.
9. I hate when triberr sends out my tweets at 3:00 in the morning.
10. One time I sent out someone’s post 4 times!
11. Sometimes I feel like I am spamming.

Which leads me to my question:


I am so torn because I love that 6 awesome ladies are tweeting out my posts for me -
but I hate that I feel spammy.

Do you guys tweet? How do you feel about it?


Niki said...

I don't know what I think, but I sure can't wait to see what everyone else says. Do you see it affecting your numbers?

Brendajos said...

I always have trouble posting on blogs from work so let's see if this works.

I have been on twitter since almost the beginning and I can safely say that any time I see something like this, I feel like I am being spammed. I have a carefully curated list so I am pretty forgiving of my friends who do this, but after a few times I would start considering hitting the block button. It is things like this that will slowly start moving people to Google+... or maybe not slowly at all. :-/

Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

I don't love it. I understand the purpose behind it and everything, but it really is just spam. If someone wants to support their friend they should read the post, then tweet it out with a meaningful comment. That way I as the follower know it's something they really enjoyed.
Just my opinion.

Dan said...

Hi all,
This is Dan from Triberr. I just wanted to point out a few things you mentioned in the post.

Regarding point number 3. We actually changed this a few weeks back, so now you can join multiple tribes. So if your friends are in another tribe, they can invite you. They just need to upgrade the tribe to send what we're calling "inbreeding" invites.

Another important thing is that Triberr doesn't have to be automatic. There is a manual mode where nothing will send until you approve it. This gives you the opportunity to read the post and approve it before anything gets sent.

We're moving the site into a strong new direction. We want it to be a place where you can connect with and establish relationships with other bloggers. How is this different than social networking?

Social networking requires you to either know someone first, or introduce yourself. On Triberr, we will make the introductions for you, based on shared similarities.

The idea here is that Triberr can see what you blog is about and who your audience is. Wouldn't it be nice if it could introduce you to similar bloggers? Maybe you'll enjoy reading their content. Maybe they'll subscribe to yours. Maybe there is a guest posting opportunity. Maybe you'd be good tribemates.

So we want Triberr to be more than just a traffic driving tool. It should help establish and deepen relationships between bloggers as well.

Hope this helps.

Niki said...

Me again!

First of all, very impressed that someone from Triberr has commented. Sounds like they are working on making it a better experience.

Secondly, since reading this post, I have noticed people on twitter who are using triberr...and they are the ones that I have been considering deleting for sending out way too many tweets with links to random things.

So for now, I'm with the others...too much spam...but maybe they can get it figured out.

Amanda K @ Every Creative Endeavor said...

Niki - I am torn too and don't know what to think about it - that is why I wanted to talk about it and get a feel for what other people think too.

Amy - I agree! If I like it I tweet it out and support the posts I love. I get the idea behind it as well and I like that you can connect with other bloggers but I know the big tweeters hate stuff like this.

Amanda K @ Every Creative Endeavor said...


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my blog! That is really awesome of you! I do like the manual option mode - then I can send out only things that I love and that fixes that problem. But I do have a question about the inbreeding thing - a week or two ago I invited some of my favorite tweeters to a tribe and none of them could accept because they were already in tribes. How do you upgrade? Do I have to pay money for that? Can I make it so my friends only tweet out the stuff they love instead of everything? Or do they have to make their accounts manual too? Thanks so much for your insight!

Dino Dogan said...

Hi Amanda,

Dino here (the other 50% of Triberr :-)

I just wanted to add that we are a Twitter tool at this very moment, however, we will soon deploy Facebook, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon tribes as well.

Regarding the "spam" issue. It's only an issue if you invite spammers into your tribe, which I advise against :-)

As for "tweeting" too often, this is an issue for small % of people who hang on twitter way too much (and I say that perfectly knowing that Im one of those people).

The way I see it, I will endure seeing the same post tweeted by multiple people because it means that others are getting exposed to great content. To dictate how often different people tweet the same post would be very selfish of me, and I'd rather endure some "discomfort" for the sake of my friends getting some traffic to their blog.

However, we do understand that some ppl are crybabies :-) so we spaced out the tweets even further than before.

Anyways...thnx for choosing Triberr as your topic and please let me know if you have any questions. Im always reachable at dino.dogan at gmail

Chrissy Farnan said...


In my opinion........

I'm torn too. When I see, and it was just last night, several of the exact same tweets from various people, it absolutely comes across a noise and spam. No thought!

The person "tweeting" is not really tweeting at all, it's an automated push with the same tweet over and over through various members of the tribe.

Blogging, tweeting and sharing your posts and such is supposed to be personal, right? Connect with your readers and followers? Well, all this auto tweeting guarantees I won't be viewing the post tweeted.

Now we are relying on Triberr to spread our news? All in an effort to reach a wider audience?

I believe it's a feed clogger and if someone wants to tweet and or retweet something from a friend/follower then it's meaningful and worth looking at. It means you may have read it and want to share.

Triberr is not reading quality posts to share, it's sending out a blanket tribe "spam" to our feeds.

Looks like after writing this I'm not so torn after all.

Jenni said...

For a newbie like me I think it would be benificial in getting your name out there. I had someone tweet one of my projects (not through Triberr) and I had over 200 pageviews on my site in an hour! I do think that it is a good idea to be able to approve the messages that go out so that you can control what you are sending and not be spammy!
Also, I think it is totally classy that the Triberr guy came over to explain his site and how things work.
Great convo Amnada! Thanks!

Sara said...

I'm torn about it too. I've joined a tribe, but I haven't been on Twitter enough recently to "water down" the spamminess. So, I'm thinking I probably look look spammy.

Tauni said...


I am glad that you posted something about this...Last weekend several of us attended a social media conference and most expressed the very same feelings.

If there are that many people feeling a little spammy, I just don't think it is a good idea...I hate when I see people tweeting the same post several times (and though I am on Twitter a lot, I don't necessarily hang there).

Perhaps this is something that still needs a little tweaking.

In the meantime, I agree with your other comments. It was very cool that the people behind the tool stopped by to comment.

Anonymous said...

I had not heard of triberr until I read your post. I am not much into twitter lately. It just felt like too much. so even though I haven't dealt with it, I would say it feels like spam.
Karen G

Alison@Oopsey Daisy said...

So I have been thinking a lot about this too and have switched over to "manual" mode for all tribes I am involved in. Then I check the tribe's feed and send out my very own tweets, just copying and pasting the link. Then I feel like I am being more personal with my Twitter followers!

Amanda K @ Every Creative Endeavor said...

It is really cool that the masterminds behind Triberr stopped by today! Thanks so much guys! Right now I am thinking that I love the way I can reach out and drive traffic to sites that I love - but I feel like the mode NEEDS to be set to Manual so you can make the tweets more personal. I also hope that it doesn't hurt traffic and that people don't see that it is a triberr tweet and totally ignore it. I really do love the idea behind it and think that as time goes on it will get better and all the little kinks will work themselves out.


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