Thinking about Wallpaper

To Wallpaper or Not To Wallpaper…

That is the big question I keep asking myself people!

When I think of wallpaper I think “old school!”

remember how I complained about ripping off all that darn wall paper here? and I will continue to complain about it as I reveal some more of our remodel –


I was in a fancy-schmancy restaurant for our anniversary and used the restroom (I am always curious in high-class places!) and they had amazing walls. They were a beautiful blue with a dark brown design – and upon closer inspection – I found it to be wallpaper!

No. Way. Jose.

I was totally in love – with wallpaper!?

I wanted it. I needed it. I thought about it.

And then today as I was stumbling around I came across this website with 43 rooms with an accent wallpaper wall – ahhhhh. The flame was lit again.

Now – I will admit – some of those rooms were a little bit out there – but the wall paper with just the stenciling design or the black one at the end – or the really pretty blue mixed up somewhere in the middle – Hello! So pretty!

So I ask you friends! To wallpaper or not to wallpaper – please share your advice!


jalissa said...

i really like the wall paper! i think it adds such fun personality! so pretty! i'd have to agree with you!

Amy said...

Lol, i was just scrubbing down the walls froma ll the lovely wallpaper paste left on when i removed the walpaper. I was notenjoying myself , and i kept thinking, why wallpaper. But those rooms are to die for. I love the all whiteroom with the blue floral paper.... Amazing.

Melanie@Crafty Cupboard said...

Yes, it is sooooo much better than yesteryear, but far more permanent. It depends on how often you like to change things around! It is also more expensive. I love wallpaper!

Rhiannon said...

i say its easier then stenciling

Jen @ Domesticated Nomad said...

It depends on exactly what you want. Some of those rooms had patterns that really just required wallpaper...or fabric. I have added texture to a wall by using liquid starch to adhere burlap panels to the wall. You can do this with any fabric and it's far easier to take down.

If you just want a pattern, but don't want to stencil, there is always something like this:http://domesticatednomad.blogspot.com/2011/01/sharpie-solution.html

I loved a fancy (and way expensive) wallpaper, and since I couldn't buy it, I drew it on my walls with sharpies! Easier than stencils. :)


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