It is Fall and we have the Fever!

I am so excited to be announcing a fun event starting here tomorrow!

Fall Fever

This September is going to be Spectacular!!
Each day comes with a talented blogger sharing a favorite fall tutorial -
I have an amazing line up and you will not be disappointed!

And Saturday’s!! Oh Saturdays - each Saturday comes with two giveaways!
We have fun accessories and blog designs and vinyl and a lot more!

Are you as excited. thrilled. elated. happy. delighted. as I am!?

Make sure you come back tomorrow! How Does She will be here to kick off our event!

I am excited. thrilled. elated. happy. delighted.
and extremely thankful for all the amazing bloggers and sponsors
helping to make this month a wonderful success!!

Tenley’s Room! Finally!!

This project has been a long time coming – But I am happy to say that I am finally finished!
(unless I find a chandelier –which I am in the market for!)

Tenley’s room is currently my favorite room in the house! It turned out so cute and I just love it!
When you first walk in – this is the view you see…

Tenleys room 4

I love the glider – it has been so nice to sit and rock my baby to sleep and to read stories as we rock.
It was, by far, one of my best finds. You can read about it here.

Tenley 7

I felt like I needed something to fill the space next to the dresser so I bought some baskets (from Target) that match the crib. I think it pulls that area together nicely and I love having the blankets so readily accessible.

Tenley 8

The quilt came with the bedding that I simply purchased from Babies R Us and the darling petal pillow was given as a gift from my sister.

Tenley 9

It is true – we don’t have closet doors. At first we thought it was a good idea – but now I am wishing we could hide all that crap behind some cute doors – one day!

tenley 11

I made the Tenley for her room with my Silhouette and some vinyl I purchased from Hobby Lobby.

Tenley's Room 1

I bought the book holder at IKEA and spray painted it green to match the other room décor.

tenley 10

This view is from the corner by the book holder.

Tenley 12

I bought some frames and painted them antique white to match the dresser and the glider. Then I sprayed some knobs green and used blue ribbon to string them up. I then used my Silhouette to cut out the ever popular saying. Then simply inserted some pictures of my favorite girl!!

Tenleys room 6

I took the shelf down out of our family room, painted it antique white and hung it above the dresser I refinished. You can find the details of the dresser here.

Tenley 14

For the décor on the shelf, I spray painted some extra frames I had to match the colors of her room.  I found the chunky T at Hobby Lobby and sprayed it blue. I made an “I am a Child of God”  subway art from an idea found here and I made the Big I am a Child God subway art based on an idea I saw in a babies room – I made both in Photoshop.

tenley 13

On her dresser are the lamp I made here, the green mirror I painted here and a fun bright yellow “smile” that I bought from Hobby Lobby and painted yellow. I love that it is so bright and cheery!

Tenley's room 2

On the other side is the Accessory Organizer I made, a bowl to hold all her clippies and a fun flower vase that I bought at Hobby Lobby a few years ago. It fits her room perfectly.

Tenleys room 3

From the glider, you can see out into the hall. You can also see the bow holder I made her here.

Tenleys room 5

All Four Corners – Just One More Time!!

Tenleys room 4Tenley 12tenley 11Tenleys room 5

The colors of spray paint that I used are: Valspar Cameo Pink, Valspar Baby Blue, Valspar Everglade Green, Rustoleum Strawflower, Rustoleum Antique White and Rustoleum Espresso.

Her walls are a very light pink – we are talking like a gallon of white with a drop of red – only I cannot remember the brand or name and cannot find the can. Sorry guys!

So now you know where “The Princess Sleeps!” I hope you like it!

P.S. Make sure you come back later today! I have a HUGE announcement about a fun Event hitting my blog tomorrow!!

I am linked to I Heart Naptime!


Talk about it Tuesday: Favorite Books

Talk about it Tuesday
Besides crafting – I love to read. Like, love it. love it. But sadly, since my son was born 2 years ago I had only read one book.


One book in two years. sad.

Then the Friday before last, I picked up The Hunger Games. It has been sitting on my shelf for over a year waiting for me - I finished it Friday night. (and still fed, bathed, and clothed my kids!)

Then I on Saturday, I picked up Catching fire and flew through that one too!

MockingJay had come out after my husband bought the first too for me and I yearned for it – however, I had a birthday party last Friday for my kiddo to get ready for so I promised myself I wouldn’t buy or start it until it was over.

I started it Saturday morning.

I feel like I have gotten a piece of me, that has been missing for so long, back!

So, now it two years, I have read 4 books.  I have “The Help” sitting on my nightstand ready to go next – but I have nothing in queue after that – so my dear friends – what books do you absolutely love? What series am I missing out on that I JUST HAVE TO READ! I’ve been out of the “book loop” for so long I am not sure what is out there -

Enlighten a girl, will ya!?


Hang a one-piece wall collage {Tutorial}

hang a wall collage tutorial

Hey friends! Remember two weeks ago when I shared how I made a one-piece hanging wall collage – and I told you I had a tutorial for how I hung it on the wall?? Here it is!!

First: You need a piece of cardboard that is same size as your collage.
Please make sure that the top edge is straight and line your tallest frame up with it.

hang a wall collage

Second: Take a marker and trace around the tops, bottoms and sides of the frames so you
have a nice layout on the cardboard.

hang a wall collage 2

Third: Flip the frames right over (kind of like flipping a page in a book) so the top of the
frames touch the top of the cardboard.

hang a wall collage 3

Fourth: On each frame measure from the side of the frame to the spot where it will be hung from.

hang a wall collage 4

Fifth: Measure it on your cardboard and mark it.

hang a wall collage 5

Sixth: Measure down from the top of the frame to the spot where the nail will go.

hang a wall collage 6

Seventh: Measure down on your cardboard and mark it.

hang a wall collage 7

Eighth: You now have the marks where your nails are going to go.
Take a nail and poke holes in the cardboard on the marks.

hang a wall collage 8

Ninth: You should have holes poked for each frame and are now ready to make the holes in your wall.
Take your cardboard and a level and find the spot where you want your collage.
Using the level, make sure the cardboard is straight.

hang a wall collage 9

Tenth: Take a nail and poke it through each of the holes you made to make marks on your wall.

hang a wall collage 10

Eleventh: Remove your cardboard. Hammer your nails into your marks and hang up your picture!

how to make a photo collage 4

how to make a photo collage 5

Lastly – Let’s Celebrate!!
Celebrate that our collage is straight!
Celebrate that we don’t have any crazy holes that we have to putty!
Celebrate that it was so easy!!


Macaroni Salad Recipe

macaroni salad

I know, I know – this is a total summery salad – and sadly the summer is almost over…
… but I have gotten so many requests for this recipe that I thought I would oblige.

You guys – this is seriously the easiest macaroni salad ever!

Here’s the deal – I will tell you how I made a HUGE bowl full – but this recipe is really a “to your taste” recipe.
So you can add as much or as little as you want.

You will need:

2lbs of elbow macaroni
8 hard boiled eggs
7 celery stalks
1/4 cup finely chopped onion
medium can of sliced olives
small jar of sweet pickles
1 1/2 cups mayo
2 tablespoons mustard

Boil your macaroni – adding a tablespoon of salt to the water. Then simply chop up everything else and throw it all together in a big huge bowl. Remember this is to your taste so if you want more olives – add them or if you want less celery – take some out. Then mix your mayo and mustard in a separate bowl and pour it on. I don’t like my macaroni drenched in the dressing so this is very light – but if you want more, simply add it.



We Filled His Room With Balloons…

… Because it’s his birthday of course!

birthday balloons 2

Each year for our kids birthdays (yes I know, this is only the 2nd time!) we fill their rooms with balloons!
Last year was alright. He liked them but was one so whattyado?

This year – Oh Man! When he woke up this morning I could hear him shout “BALLOONS!” and then laugh and giggle and run into my room with his arms full – he told me “Balloons in my room!” and then we went together to play. I love the “I just woke up so I am sleepy but am too excited” look.

birthday balloons

I am off to celebrate the day! We have a lot of fun things planned!
What traditions do you guys have for birthdays?


Talk about it Tuesday: What Do YOU Want to Talk About?

I have been folding laundry for the last hour (yes, I had like 7 loads to fold and put away. yuck!) and have been thinking seriously about what I was going to talk about today – but I have nothing.


Not even one idea that I think sounds good.

My brain (along with the rest of my body) is fried from the pool today.
I am sad that my last post didn’t receive ONE comment. Not one. and my kitchen remodel only received two.
sad. sad. sad.

I guess I am just having a blogger low.
I just need to tell myself to cheer up! (buttercup!)

and I need to ask you – what do you guys want to talk about? Do you have a topic you are dying to get info on  - or at least other people’s opinions? Also – what if we talk about more personal stuff – like family traditions and what your kids want to be for Halloween. Would you like that?

Let’s talk about it!


Create an Accessory Organizer

accessory organizer

Last week I was standing in my kitchen thinking more about my daughter’s room (I am going to reveal it soon – I promise!) when I thought about a project I made a long time ago – When my husband entered the kitchen I said “I need you to help me make something!” (He is really used to those words by now) “what?” “I need you to help me make one of those trees that we made a long time ago that I hung bracelets on…” He just looked at me and said “You mean like that one in the garage?” “WHAT? We have one in the garage!?” and he went outside and brought me this…

Headband hanger

sweet! I love when I save something and find out it is the perfect fit for a project! Since it was already made I’ll give you a simple little run down of how we made it.

First: You will need a base. I found mind with the fancy little edge at Home Depot or Lowe’s (it’s been a while…) and a piece of 2x2. You will also need some dowels. Mine are 3/8”.

Second: Cut the 2x2 to the height you want. Mine is 18” tall.

headband hanger 2

Third: Drill your holes for the dowels. Measuring from the bottom, mine are every 4 inches – leaving 2 inches on top.

headband hanger 3

Fourth: Screw your 2x2 into the base. I used three screws – one on the middle and two on kiddie corners so the 2x2 won’t spin.

headband hanger 4

Fifth: Insert your dowels – mine are 12” long – so there are 5” on each side. Glue them in place with a dab of wood glue.

headband hanger 5

Sixth: Stain or paint your accessory organizer. As you can see in the above photos, I had it stained at first but since it is for my daughter’s room I decided to go with “Cameo Pink” by Valspar.

headband hanger 6

Voila! And your done!

headband hanger 7

Now load this baby up with all kinds of fun things – like bracelets…

headband hanger 8

… and rings…

headband hanger 9

… and of course – headbands!

headband hanger 10

It is the perfect way to organize your accessories and save a lot of space and money!
And who doesn’t love that -
Plus, it is super cute!

headband hanger 11

You can make it bigger, wider, shorter or smaller depending on your needs and there are so many fun colors too! I even thought about adding some cute vinyl to the front. There are just lots of fun possibilities so have fun with it!

I am linking to Show Me what you Got and Trash to Treasure Tuesday


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