Are you guys having a good summer?

It seems like our summer started off really s.l.o.w.l.y… and then all of a sudden it was August!
We have been having a great time this summer – playing in the sun and having fun together with family. We started off the summer with a family camping trip up Logan Canyon. I love this canyon! It is beautiful and was really warm and our kids had a great time playing outdoors. 


We then headed down south to visit my husbands parents and had a great time making homemade ice cream and taking our 2 year old around the neighborhood on a 4-wheeler! We went out to eat, went to a Pioneer Day celebration, watched movies and had a great visit!

jones home

We have also been visiting splash pads to find relief from the hot summer sun! My little guy loves the water and runs around the pad just laughing and giggling! My daughter loves the water too and even though she can't run yet, she loves when I put her feet in!

splash pad

We have also had family stay with us, we’ve been horseback riding, visited a couple different cabins and a few trips to Seven Peaks!

Yes Ma’am – we are busy!  So – I am taking this week off to pull myself together, clean my house and unbury my laundry room before the fun starts again!
I will see you back here next week! I have some fun things in store for you guys that I am really excited about!

Have a great week and a great end to the summer!


Lucy said...

I love going camping, it was always good fun with my family when I was younger. :)


Amy said...

The summer has flown by hasn't it? I've been in the south of France for the season and I've only got 3 weeks left... then I'm going camping too, can't wait! We need a splash pad like that near here, the little boy I'm nannying this summer would love it :D


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