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Last week I was standing in my kitchen thinking more about my daughter’s room (I am going to reveal it soon – I promise!) when I thought about a project I made a long time ago – When my husband entered the kitchen I said “I need you to help me make something!” (He is really used to those words by now) “what?” “I need you to help me make one of those trees that we made a long time ago that I hung bracelets on…” He just looked at me and said “You mean like that one in the garage?” “WHAT? We have one in the garage!?” and he went outside and brought me this…

Headband hanger

sweet! I love when I save something and find out it is the perfect fit for a project! Since it was already made I’ll give you a simple little run down of how we made it.

First: You will need a base. I found mind with the fancy little edge at Home Depot or Lowe’s (it’s been a while…) and a piece of 2x2. You will also need some dowels. Mine are 3/8”.

Second: Cut the 2x2 to the height you want. Mine is 18” tall.

headband hanger 2

Third: Drill your holes for the dowels. Measuring from the bottom, mine are every 4 inches – leaving 2 inches on top.

headband hanger 3

Fourth: Screw your 2x2 into the base. I used three screws – one on the middle and two on kiddie corners so the 2x2 won’t spin.

headband hanger 4

Fifth: Insert your dowels – mine are 12” long – so there are 5” on each side. Glue them in place with a dab of wood glue.

headband hanger 5

Sixth: Stain or paint your accessory organizer. As you can see in the above photos, I had it stained at first but since it is for my daughter’s room I decided to go with “Cameo Pink” by Valspar.

headband hanger 6

Voila! And your done!

headband hanger 7

Now load this baby up with all kinds of fun things – like bracelets…

headband hanger 8

… and rings…

headband hanger 9

… and of course – headbands!

headband hanger 10

It is the perfect way to organize your accessories and save a lot of space and money!
And who doesn’t love that -
Plus, it is super cute!

headband hanger 11

You can make it bigger, wider, shorter or smaller depending on your needs and there are so many fun colors too! I even thought about adding some cute vinyl to the front. There are just lots of fun possibilities so have fun with it!

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Samantha said...

Beautiful! I wish I could think what I need then just go and make it! Thankfully I can be inspired by creative people like yourself :) xx

The Autocrat: Haley said...

Super cute idea!!


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