Create a Hanging Wall Collage {Tutorial}

hanging wall collage

A little while ago I was struggling with a collage that I wanted in my hallway. It just wasn’t turning out the way that I wanted it – and then Tam guest posted here and I thought “I bet if I glue the frames together like her – it will work!” and it did! So thank you Tam for the inspiration I needed!

First: Gather up some frames. I used some that I had laying around from a thrift store visit. I used three 8”x10” and two 5”x7”.

photo collage

Second: I used E600 and glued them to each other, offsetting them just a little bit so none of them were the same height. I did what Tam did and placed casserole dishes on them to hold them in place. 

how to make a photo collage how to make a photo collage 1

Note: I let mine dry over night and they were still having some issues and I didn’t feel like they were holding as tightly as I wanted them too so I busted out my hot glue gun and hot glued them together and I feel like that worked so much better. Plus, I didn’t take as long to dry. If I made one again I would go straight for the hot glue!

My frames were already black, so I took them outside and sprayed them Rustoleum Espresso and then Rustoleum Heirloom White (my personal fav!)

how to make a photo collage 2

Fourth: I sanded them down a bit to shabby them up -

how to make a photo collage 3

Fifth: I filled them with my family pictures.

how to make a photo collage 6

Last: And hung it on the wall in my hallway.  Sorry these pictures aren’t super awesome – It is in hallway after all and the no natural light thing – is a downer! But it really is awesome in real life!

how to make a photo collage 4
how to make a photo collage 5

I love it! It fills the space so well and even though these pictures of it hanging in the hallway do it no justice it really is very cute! Hanging it up was a bit tricky because none of the frames are the same height but my hubby came up with a super easy plan and had it up in no time. I took pictures so look for that tutorial coming soon!

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Andrea said...

That turned out so cute! I need to collect some frames and get some pictures taken. I am looking forward to the hanging tutorial.

cheryl @ nefotlak. said...

great idea! they turned out really well - and it's a great tutorial.
cheryl xox.

Megan said...

What a fabulous idea! I love the look!!

cami said...

This is great. I am in the process of wanting a wall of photos in my living room. I really love this. What do you think of using say 15 or so frames together? I have a huge wall to fill.
Thank so much, this is a great idea!
Cami from fourjokersandaqueen.com

Victoria said...

Love it. I think I might end up pinning this. I have been gathering ideas for little projects.


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