Hang a one-piece wall collage {Tutorial}

hang a wall collage tutorial

Hey friends! Remember two weeks ago when I shared how I made a one-piece hanging wall collage – and I told you I had a tutorial for how I hung it on the wall?? Here it is!!

First: You need a piece of cardboard that is same size as your collage.
Please make sure that the top edge is straight and line your tallest frame up with it.

hang a wall collage

Second: Take a marker and trace around the tops, bottoms and sides of the frames so you
have a nice layout on the cardboard.

hang a wall collage 2

Third: Flip the frames right over (kind of like flipping a page in a book) so the top of the
frames touch the top of the cardboard.

hang a wall collage 3

Fourth: On each frame measure from the side of the frame to the spot where it will be hung from.

hang a wall collage 4

Fifth: Measure it on your cardboard and mark it.

hang a wall collage 5

Sixth: Measure down from the top of the frame to the spot where the nail will go.

hang a wall collage 6

Seventh: Measure down on your cardboard and mark it.

hang a wall collage 7

Eighth: You now have the marks where your nails are going to go.
Take a nail and poke holes in the cardboard on the marks.

hang a wall collage 8

Ninth: You should have holes poked for each frame and are now ready to make the holes in your wall.
Take your cardboard and a level and find the spot where you want your collage.
Using the level, make sure the cardboard is straight.

hang a wall collage 9

Tenth: Take a nail and poke it through each of the holes you made to make marks on your wall.

hang a wall collage 10

Eleventh: Remove your cardboard. Hammer your nails into your marks and hang up your picture!

how to make a photo collage 4

how to make a photo collage 5

Lastly – Let’s Celebrate!!
Celebrate that our collage is straight!
Celebrate that we don’t have any crazy holes that we have to putty!
Celebrate that it was so easy!!


PⒿ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

This was genius! Thanks for the tutorial!

Rob said...

I am not that patient, or precise. I just slap a few of the 3m Command Strips onto the back of all my pictures and stick them to the wall. I'm so lazy.

Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

This is a lot of work- but worth it so your gorgeous collage hangs straight!! So smart!

Kara said...

This is an awesome idea Amanda! And dang your kiddos are cute! :)


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