Making a House Our Home: Part 9 {Kitchen}

I haven’t blogged about my home remodel in a couple months and thought that it was about time I showed you some more. Truth be told – I have been holding off – there are still a few things missing in our kitchen and I haven’t wanted to reveal it but I guess that is the best part about a creative blog – I can show you the progress as we go. I almost named this post “Will Blog For Kitchen Cabinet Doors!” But I guess this will just make it a little more exciting when we finally get them done.


If you are new here or if you need a small reminder: Here are a few before shots. I took these “amazing” pictures the night we walked into our home for the first time.

In this picture I am standing in the dining room area: To see the living room transformation click here.

kitchen remodel

And here I am walking through the pocket door:

kitchen remodel 2

Here is a photo taken from the pocket door:

kitchen remodel 3

I took this picture from the stairs:

kitchen remodel 4

and this last one I took from by the window:

kitchen remodel 6

The cabinets were practically falling apart, I wasn’t a fan of the yellow tile, or the backsplash or the fact that there was no pantry – (Hello! Where do I put my food?) or the pocket door or the teeny tiny dining area or the…

Okay. Okay. I wasn’t a fan of any of it! So we got busy and gutted out the entire thing! 

kitchen remodel 7

Told ya! Now looking back at these pictures it is crazy to think that it ever looked like that. haha! Then the hubs and I put our heads together and started building a kitchen that made sense to us.

kitchen remodel 1

We built a HUGE pantry in the corner. We installed all new windows. We added can lighting. We moved the plumbing and put the sink under a different window. We took out a window and installed French doors. We added a pony wall. We built up a wall to separate us from the family room. We installed all new appliances. We installed granite countertops. We installed wood floors. And when I say WE I really do mean it. The husband and I did this whole thing ourselves! It is awesome being married to a man that can do all of these things himself!

And we LOVE it!

kitchen remodel 8

I don’t really have a lot to say about the change in the kitchen that the pictures don’t say themselves besides how much I love it. I love it. I love it and love it some more! Even without cabinet doors and a backsplash I think it still looks a whole lot better!

kitchen remodel 9

I love the deep “chocolate pudding” walls and the crisp contrast of the white baseboards and molding.

kitchen remodel 10

I double heart these double ovens!

kitchen remodel 11

kitchen remodel 12

kitchen remodel 15

kitchen remodel 14

Since I took these pictures a few weeks ago – we finally added blinds!
My neighbors are extremely grateful for that!

I have also added a few decorations here and there, like above the hutch and on the counter. I love bringing color into the kitchen (like I did here and here) and seeing it all come together!

If you missed a part, you can catch up here!


Rhonda said...

Wow - you guys have done an amazing job! I can't wait to see the final reveal!

Maureen said...

Looks incredible!
I just started redoing our kitchen...no big renovations, just some paint and cosmetic changes. I'm hoping it will have a big effect. The difference between your before and afters are AMAZING!

Victoria said...

I just became a follower, love everything on here! I think I might "pin" some of it. I just had a baby girl and love the mug holder transformation to hold accessories. She has a ton of headbands. I always see the holders at Goodwill, bet I wont see one now though!

Stacey said...

it looks beautiful!! the colors are great and it's so fresh looking! congratulations on a job well done!


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