Quick and Easy Lemon Chicken

lemon chicken 5

Wouldn’t it be super fabulous if you had all the time in the world to make a fancy gourmet dinner every night?
of course it would be!

But guess what – we all have lives so sadly that doesn’t always happen – but it is still nice to have a little flavor in your food and I found some flavor that is totally awesome. We all know Lawry’s seasonings – but did you know they have marinades too? And this chick – knows how to rock them!

First: Put your raw meat (I did chicken this time) in a ziplock bag or container…

lemon chicken 2

Second: … add your flavoring and let it soak in for 30 minutes.

lemon chicken 3

Third: Grill it up and enjoy!

Lemon chicken 4

See! I told you it was super quick and easy! And if you need something even easier – instead of letting the meat marinade, just use your brush and brush it on a few times while it is grilling and Voila! They have so many different flavors too -  I love the lemon pepper, my hubby loves the Teriyaki (with grilled pineapple of course!) and we both really liked the sweet and sour one – I used some pork and it was fantastic! So, if you need some quick flavor – hit up the store and throw these in your cart!

lemon chicken

By the way – I am not being paid nor did I get these flavors for free – I bought them with my own money but just wanted you to know how totally awesome they are!


Jenn said...

We have been using the Lawry's Marinades for years and absolutely love them! Our favorites are the Caribbean Jerk and the Herb and Garlic.

Kristi said...

Thanks for the tip! I am always wanting to try something new. The Teriyaki looks good!

Victoria said...

We use the steak and chop one all the time for steak in the summer. It goes with everything from just steak and taters to grilled steak salads.


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