Talk about it Tuesday: Favorite Books

Talk about it Tuesday
Besides crafting – I love to read. Like, love it. love it. But sadly, since my son was born 2 years ago I had only read one book.


One book in two years. sad.

Then the Friday before last, I picked up The Hunger Games. It has been sitting on my shelf for over a year waiting for me - I finished it Friday night. (and still fed, bathed, and clothed my kids!)

Then I on Saturday, I picked up Catching fire and flew through that one too!

MockingJay had come out after my husband bought the first too for me and I yearned for it – however, I had a birthday party last Friday for my kiddo to get ready for so I promised myself I wouldn’t buy or start it until it was over.

I started it Saturday morning.

I feel like I have gotten a piece of me, that has been missing for so long, back!

So, now it two years, I have read 4 books.  I have “The Help” sitting on my nightstand ready to go next – but I have nothing in queue after that – so my dear friends – what books do you absolutely love? What series am I missing out on that I JUST HAVE TO READ! I’ve been out of the “book loop” for so long I am not sure what is out there -

Enlighten a girl, will ya!?


Tawnya said...

I am curious to hear about what books are out there also. I want to read The Help, but don't have it yet... I am reading The Neverending Story right now but it is slow going because I only read it when I get to "close the door" if you catch my drift. I really enjoyed Hunger Games, what did you think?

Debs - debslosingit.com said...

Hardly any of it is new or current, but you can see all the books I've read since Christmas '10 on my blog's Recently Read page.


Unknown said...

A few of my favorites: Book Thief, Pope Joan, Unbroken, The Forgotten Garden. Loved all of the Hunger Games and The Help too. Welcome back to reading. :)

Laura said...

I'm kind of in a rut right now too, lately I just go to the library and browse until I come up with something interesting. I loved the Hunger Games and The Help. Now I need to find the time to see the movie.

bryansgyrl said...

I love The Women of Genesis series by Orson Scott Card. I hope you find some good suggestions...good luck! :)

niki said...

loved "hunger games" and "the help." a series i love is diana gabaldon's "outlander" series. there are 7 in the series so far, and she started writing them in the early 90s. the love story of jamie and claire.....you can't get enough.

Crissybug said...

I have loved the Mortal Instrument Series by Cassandra Clare. Super good reading!


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