Talk about it Tuesday: RSS Feed

Hey Guys!! Today we are talking about RSS feed -
A couple weeks ago I brought up truncated posts and you guys left your feelings – no worries, I will not be doing that anytime soon – (See I do Listen!)

But now I am wondering about RSS feed – it is kind of along the same lines – so the questions are:

Do you mind the short feed so you have to click over from your reader to the blog?
If you read in a reader – do you click over to see the blog or no?

I have noticed a few blogs going this direction lately and it made me wonder why – But then I heard that it is easier for people to steal your posts that way – is that true? I am not very smart with RSS feed – I just signed up and hope you subscribe too! haha! I have heard a few people love the short version but I have also heard some complaints too.

What say you? Enlighten me and let’s discuss!!


Kristi said...

I subscribe to blogs through my Google reader. I used to click through so I could see the whole blog only on those that were shortened.

Now, though, I found the Next button application on Google reader and put it on my bookmark bar. Now I just click on "next" and Google takes me to the most recent post. I love it because then I get to see all of everyone's blogs. The designs, the photos that sometimes get dropped from reader, etc. even those unfortunate blogs that play music automatically. :)

I don't understand why someone would steal a blog post. But if they are going to steal anyway, I don't imagine that they haven't figured out a way to do it no matter how your blog is configured.

Samantha said...

Nope, I am the laziest of all lazy readers. If there's a couple of lines of a post in my reader then I'll read that but rarely click through to the post. :) Unless those two lines are the most amazing words in the whole world of course :P

Audra said...

Samantha summed it up perfectly for me too!

Maria said...

I agree 100% with Samantha. We subscribe in a reader for a reason, know what I mean? ;-)

Sharon Pernes said...

If a post is truncated, I will only click on the blog posts in my reader that seem interesting to me. I personally don't like truncated posts. I am currently having some loading issues with my pretty new computer and clicking on something else to load can be a problem sometimes.

Sims Family said...

I just read through my google dashboard. If someone's blog doesn't work there, I don't read it. Seriously! I'm picky! I do get a few through email, as well.

Will you be attending Snap in the spring? Hope to see you there!

Laura said...

I don't read a single blog that uses the preview paragraph. If a blogger switches to that method I immediately unsubscribe. I read a lot of blogs and there isn't time to visit each site.

Sara said...

What's the point of subscribing in a reader if we have to visit the blog for every post? I'm not one to click over and read. While I get that it can help with traffic, I don't like it.

Amanda K @ Every Creative Endeavor said...

Kristi - I am going to have to look into the "Next" button. I have never heard of that before.

I agree with you guys - Some days I am lazy and just want to read - but some days I am good and go leave comments.

Whitney - I just bought my SNAP ticket yesterday and so I will be going (as of right now!)

And as always - thanks ladies for leaving your feelings and comments. I really do appreciate it! Love you all!


Lynn Osborne said...

I absolutely want to see the whole post in Reader. I rarely click through if there is only an opening paragraph.

Crissybug said...

Just say NO to truncated posts! It is the same for private blogs...If I can't read it in my feed reader...I forget, and don't have time to hop over to read the whole thing. Especially if I am reading it from my phone...it takes too much time to load a website. Too much hassle means most likely I won't click over.


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