The Crafty Cupboard: Salt and Pepper Shakers

Hi everyone, it’s Melanie here!  I’m so glad to be joining up in the Fall Fever event.  Usually I spend my time at the Crafty Cupboard, so I’m glad for a little vacation!  Now, fall isn’t that big of a deal where I live, because in Arizona, very few leaves actually change color and that isn’t until the very end of October!  So, I thought I’d bring some fall inside, since it isn’t happening outside!
Cooler weather and felt sort of go hand in hand, don’t they?  So does feeding the masses!  Here’s a quick idea for the kid table! (or, any table!)


Start with a round salt and pepper shaker.  I got mine at Wal-Mart for a dollar and some change.  You will also need fall-ish colored sheets of craft felt and your hot glue accessories.

Cut out leaf shapes from your felt, leaving one color aside to be your background.  I used a template I found through Google, but you might have some leaves native to your state that you want to feature!


On two of your leaves, I embroidered S & P letters to help identify what you are about to shake over your ear of corn.  If you don’t want to embroider, use paint or a permanent marker!


I chose my yellow leaves so the letters would show up really easily with my black embroidery thread.


Now, with your unused felt sheet, cut two pieces the height and circumference of your Salt and Pepper shakers.  I just rolled them in the felt to determine the circumference, and added a bit for overlap.


Bust out your glue gun!  This is going to go fast!


Glue your background felt to your shakers!  I glued one end to the shaker, and then added a line of glue to the other end and quickly wrapped it around to cover it.  Easy peasy.


Now, just add your leaves!  I randomly placed my leaves on each shaker.  Use as many leaves as you like- I only had 4 for each because my 4-year-old was getting impatient that her shakers were taking a long time ;)


And you are done!  Super simple, but we’ve really enjoyed using them at our table for the past few weeks.  They are still nice and clean, amazingly enough!
Thanks Amanda for hosting this fun Fall event, full of great ideas!  I think I’ve got the fever now!  :) 
Come visit me any time at the Crafty Cupboard.  I love making new friends!

These are so cute! I love that they are so simple and just perfect for the kiddie table!
Tomorrow I Heart Naptime is here so come on back.


MJ said...

Love it! So cute, would look really lovely at the Halloween dinner table :)

Kara said...

So cute! This could be adapted for any holiday. Great idea!


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