Wannabe Crafty: Give Thanks Magnets

Hello all you ECE readers! What a fun collection of projects so far at Amanda's FALL FEVER, right?  I'm stoked to be joining the party :)  I'm Nicole- mom to a mischevious one year old boy, luckiest wife in the world, triathlon junkie, and in my spare time I blog over at Wannabe Crafty about all my creative projects.

Perhaps my favoite thing about this time of year is Thanksgiving.  I know that holiday is still a few months away, but because of my love for TG, autumn always brings gratitude to my mind.  So for my contribution to Fall Fever, I'm going to show you how I made these cute little "Give Thanks" magnets.  I love them on my magnetic whiteboard calendars and on my refrigerator! They are small daily reminders of what I need to do more of every day.

1" square glass tiles (I got mine here)
Glaze (I used this, Amanda shows you another way here)
Magnet (I used a free magnet from a business)
"Give Thanks" printable (download my image below or make your own)
Wax paper to cover your working surface

I made this image using scrapbook paper from the free download site shabbyprincess.com (shabby fall orange paper).  Fonts are Century Gothic and Freebooter Script.

First you will need to print and trim your 1x1 images.  I use a laser printer to avoid ink smears after the glaze is applied.  Next, apply glaze to the back of your tiles.  Then place the glass tile, glue side down, onto your trimmed "Give Thanks" image.  Let dry.

Cut your free magnet up into squares just slightly smaller than 1"x1" and glue them to the backs of the images using the glaze (or super glue, or E6000, or whatever suits your fancy). 

That's it!  Pop it on anything magnetic and be a little more grateful :) 

Be sure to stop by my blog, Wannabe Crafty to check out my tutorials and projects.  Thanks for having me over, Amanda!

Nicole! Those turned out so cute and who doesn't need a constant reminder to give thanks around the holidays when things get so crazy! What a great idea!
Thirty Handmade Days is here tomorrow so come on back!


L2L said...

I am all about reusing magnets!!!! I run them through my sticker machine and attach them to the back of my homemade dry erase pages!!!! This is very cute and I can't wait to think of ways to use this for Christmas gifts!!!! Thanks for sharing, I have really enjoyed Fall Fever.... will you have a Christmas Fling?!?

Christie @ A Lemon Squeezy Home said...

What a cute idea!


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