Chinese Lanterns for the Babe!

Hello! Hello! How was your weekend? Mine was filled with taking care of the cutest little boy in the world with a nasty flu bug – poor kiddo! I also finished up Halloween Costumes – yay – no last minute stitching here!! I also added one more detail to my daughters room – remember when I posted her room a couple months ago and I said that I would love to have a cute chandelier in there? It would have been darling – IF the ceiling weren’t so low – sad. I just couldn’t put one in there knowing that my hubby and I would be bonking our heads on it so much – sorry folks – no sacrificing cuteness for pain on this one – but her room still bothered me. It just felt like there was something missing…

Tenleys room 4

… the corner above the glider is just so bare… I thought that having a chandelier in there would offset the corner but since that didn’t work out I needed a plan B – and that is when I thought of Chinese Lanterns. (or maybe it’s the fact that we watch Tangled 4 times a day! no kidding. “And now I see the light…”) – I feel like they are going to be the next big thing and have seen them around a few places – so I jumped on line and found a place that sells all sizes and colors for pretty cheap and ordered a few!

The minute the mailman dropped them off – I opened them, assembled them (so easy) and strung them up using clear thumbtacks and clear thread – and I triple, fluffy puffy {heart} them!!

fun lanterns for your room copy

I bought a few different sizes (8”, 10” and 14”) and a few different colors – and even threw in a couple spiral ones too!

Sometimes I go into her room for no other reason but to just look at them -
and the best part – they were WAY cheaper and MUCH easier than a new chandelier!

What do you guys think? Do you triple, fluffy puffy {heart} them too??

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Unknown said...

Oh, I love the way it just brings the room together. (And I LOVE Tangled!) I think Chinese lanterns can really go with so many decor themes.

Unknown said...

Oh, I love them too! Someday I will get to do fun girly things! Her room is perfect!

Melanie said...



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