Fall Art Collage {Tutorial}

Fall Art Collage

Are you guys enjoying your Fall? We took a drive up a couple canyons as a family this past week and loved looking at all the trees and bushes changing colors – I love the fall colors – so pretty! Yellow and Orange and Red and Brown – Love it!! So I decided to bring a little bit of the Fall color inside with a Fall Art Collage. I have been meaning to post about this project for sometime now but for some reason it keeps getting bumped – But not today! I figure I had better hurry and post it before it is Christmas! (which is quickly headed our way – crazy!!) It is really super simple and you can use any kind of paper you want – You may be seeing this again – only in a Halloween version!

fall collage

First up: Lets gather our supplies! You will need:
Any kind of Scrapbooking Paper
An old picture frame with glass
Spray paint
Pop Dots
Scissors or a paper cutting machine

Second: If you would like – Spray paint your frame to go along with your paper. I used Rustoleum Eden for my frame because I love the green – I just reminds me of Fall.

Third: Cut out your shapes. I used my Epic 6 by Lifestyles and used the Nesting Frame 8 Die to cut out some fun little squares. All I did was lay out my dies, cover them in paper and the cutting mat, roll them through the machine and then I had a bunch of perfect square-ish shapes. You will want to make yours all different sizes.

fall art collage 2fall art collage 3

fall art collage 4fall art collage 5

Fourth: Using your pop dots, arrange your shapes on your glass anyway that you would like. The pop dots give the collage a 3D effect and it looks really neat. I doubled and triple stacked some of my pop dots to give it added dimension.

fall art collage 1

Here you can see the pop dots under my paper.

fall art collage 6

Just add as many different pieces as you want. Stack them and over lap them until you have your desired look.

fall art collage 7

Fifth: Glue your glass into your frame.

fall art collage 11

And your done!! See – I told you it was sooooo easy!

fall art collage 8fall art collage 9

Here is what mine looks like from the back – but really who sees the back anyway (well besides you guys!)
See how it is all stuck on with the pop dots? You can see my pop dot bones – do you guys use your bones? you should!!

fall art collage 10fall collage 10

Now stick it up on your shelf and enjoy your newest fall d├ęcor item!!

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Kaysi @ Keeping it Simple said...

That is super cute, I love the colors that you used!

Unknown said...

That is soo cute! I may "borrow" this idea for one of our bathrooms. I've need some stuff on the walls in there, but just can't find anything that seems to go with the shower curtain and towels - which I love. This will be perfect! Thanks for sharing!

Denise Vakili Fine Art said...

That is cute as can be. I'm in the process of remodeling my craft studio, and these are so going up on my wall. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Love the simplicity! It's so gorgeous!


Lindsay said...

I really love this idea! You did a really great job making it look unique & perfect for fall!


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