Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse copy
At the end of August, My little guy turned 2!
(That is craziness if you ask me – I mean, I just brought him home from the hospital!)
Anyway (sniff!) he turned 2 and has been loving “Mikka Mouse!” aka Mickey Mouse and absolutely loves the “Hot Dog Song.” So I knew without a doubt that a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party was in store!

I used my Silhouette and designed the Mickey Mouse Invitations – I used the print and cut feature and then pieced them together with a black background and secured the ears on with glue.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party (3) copyMickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party (6) copy

I went with red and black as the theme and added some yellow for a “pop” of color.

I ordered a Bounce House as the “Clubhouse” for all the kids to play in!

Using the Minnie Mouse font, I made letters and cut them out and then cut out little Mickey Mouse’s to decorate the letters with for a sign – I simply hung it on two poles we had and tied up some balloons. This was my favorite decoration! I just loved how it turned out.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party (34) copy

In the trees I hung up a bunch of red and black Mickey heads, along with some glimmery swirls.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party (41) copy

For dinner we had HOT DOGS! of course!
We also had watermelon, a green salad, macaroni salad and chips!
Just a good ole’ summertime Bar-B-Que!

I forgot to take a picture so I found this image here.
We had Tropical Punch and Water – I cut out some vinyl Mickey Heads with the “punch” and “water” inside.
(Yep! That is Mickey Confetti on the table!)

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party (45) copy

I used the Silhouette (again!) to make cupcake wrappers and toppers for the cupcakes!
I went all out with the cupcakes and made wedding cake frosting and piped it on!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party (36) copyMickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party (38) copy

I also made some simple little Mickey Ears for all the kids (and adults if they wanted too!) to wear.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party (19) copy

The Birthday Cake was nothing special – just a simple cake with Mickey on it –
but it came from my very favorite bakery so I was a happy girl!

And of course – what Mickey Mouse party would be complete without Cotton Candy!!
I simply rented the machine from a party store and whipped some up for everyone!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party (48) copy

And last but not least, using heat transfer, I made Quinn his own little Party Mickey Shirt -
(I really wished I had had red, but sometimes you just gotta go with what you got – and he loved it so it’s all good!)

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party (59)a copy

And don’t forget his sister – she was sportin’ Minnie complete with pink sparkly bow!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party (77)a copy
I loved putting this party together and it turned out so fun!
Hopefully all our guests thought so too!

Are you guys party planners? What have been your favorite party theme?
Tenley is turning 1 next month (WHAT? sniff. again.) and I have a fun party planned for her -
I can’t wait to share it with you! I am even going to make the cake!
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Colin said...

We've had lots of fun parties but one of my favorites was the Power Rangers party. My son couldn't decide between a water fight and Power Rangers so we combined them. We found laser gun styled water guns and bought one for each kid. My husband had a super soaker and they all just blasted each other for the entire party! One favorite activity is making candy straws with that flavored sugar stuff. We've done it in all kinds of containers - test tubes for a science party, glass bottles for an art party and so on. We rename the flavors to suit the party theme - grape becomes ghostly grape for a pac-man party or ghoulish grape for a Halloween party. Always a hit!

Leanne said...

What a fun party. I love all the decorations and the cupcakes look amazing. Your little ones are adorable.

Alison @ Oopsey Daisy said...

WOW!! Amanda, this entire party is incredible. I love all of the details. I don't know how you found time for all that! But it's amazing!

Cole said...

When is Quinn's birthday? I turned 2 in August AND I had a Mickey party, too!


Wisser said...

How did you do the vinyl mickey punch sign?

Meliha said...

Looks like a fun party. How did you make the Mickey Mouse ears?


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