They’re Back!

Some of you weren’t here last year when I posted about these cute little guys:

So I wanted to give you the link! I have been busy making these to spread around my home!
I’d never use spider and cute in the same sentence – but aren’t these spiders cute?

Click on over to see the full tutorial from last year!
I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!


Leanne said...

You're right, they are so cute. My boys would love making these. Thanks Amanda!

Kara said...

I remember these from last year. So dang cute. Just pinned them. :)

Grammy Suzzy said...

Finally, I find out who the genius was that posted these last year!!! I loved them, but could NEVER find the thistles in Arizona. My hubby went to Ohio for business on the 31st of Oct and brought me back 4 of them. I cherished them all year and finally made myself 4 spiders. THEN, as we were driving in Utah a couple of weeks ago...BAM! I found a treasure trove...picked two bags, broke the scissors, etc. I love them, and thank you so much for the idea!!!

Unknown said...

These are cute. But I have one granddaughter that hates spiders. Any kind! LOL


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