Snowflake Luminaries

I {heart} the dollar section at Target!

la la la love it!

and right after Halloween I was browsing around and happened upon these darling little tin cans with cut-outs and knew immediately what I was going to use them for – snowflake luminaries!!

I love the blue color and think they are so fun!

snowflake luminaries (7) copy

I love the big bows and the candles!

I replaced the frosted mason jars I used on Halloween and now have part of my Christmas walkway done!

snowflake luminaries (5) copysnowflake luminaries (9) copy

When I bust out the Christmas lights I will string them through too – Don’t you think white lights will be awesome!

What have you guys been working on to enhance your walkways for Christmas?

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Pick Your Plum Cyber Monday

Just a friendly little reminder that Pick Your Plum is having an amazing sale on NINE different items -

I just stopped by and bought some dang cute flowers, paper clips and tags – all for a steal!

Homemade Christmas here I come!!!


Stamped Washer Ornament

stamped washer ornament (30) copy

Stamped metal is all the rage right now and I love it! I thought it would be so fun to make an ornament this year using the stamped metal look – It was really pretty easy and super cheap! So come along with me as I show you how to make a Stamped Washer Ornament.

First: we need to gather our supplies:
Metal Letters Stamping Kit
Black Sharpie
Wet Wipes
Beads/Charm (optional)

Second: You will stamp your washer with your metal letters – I bought mine a couple years ago at Harbor Freight for about $6 when I was working on courage necklaces – and you can pick up washers at any hardware store – I believe I got mine at Lowes when I was working on glazed washer necklaces. When you stamp your letters you want to position your letters, then take one hard swing with a heavy hammer. This makes it so your letter doesn’t jump when you are pounding away. You also need to pound on a rock hard surface – like concrete or another heavy metal surface.

Third: Take your stamped washer and fill in the letters with your sharpie – then quickly use a wet wipe to remove the extra around the letters. The marker will fill in the wells of the letters leaving you with letters that you can see better.

I used a larger washer and a smaller washer so I could have a layered look but you can do it however you would like!
Fourth: Take a piece of ribbon and cut it to your desired length – then leaving a loop in the front, thread the ribbon through your washers. Then pull your tails through the loop securing your washers together.

Fifth: Add some embellishments to your ribbon. I added a charm that I had on hand – you can find them on line or at your craft store – and a bead.

Lastly: I tied a loop at the top and was done!

Then simply hang it on your tree!

stamped washer ornament (28) copy
stamped washer ornament (29) copy

I made mine saying “Merry Christmas” but you could make it say anything you wanted. A few ideas are:
Happy Holidays
Christmas 2011
Oh Holy Night
…. and the list can go on and on and on.

stamped washer ornament (25) copy

These would also be really fun neighbor gifts!!
Have fun stamping away!
Some of my other Christmas projects include:


Knocked-Off Pottery Barn Noel Wall Art

How was your Thanksgiving? I hope it was totally awesome! I also hope you are taking advantage of some of the great deals I told you about yesterday! I know I did!!
 Today I thought I would spread a little Christmas Cheer with a super easy project! I was browsing the Pottery Barn website looking for some inspiration when I saw this:

It is darling – only, it comes with a price tag of $149.00 – that is not so darling so I decided I would make my own!

I love these letters from Hobby Lobby so I decided I would use them for my wall art. They are $2.99 each but I got them on sale for 50% off! (of course!!) so I spent $6!

I set them up the way I wanted them and then hot glued the parts that touch together -

I flipped it over and added a bracket so I could hang it up if I wanted too -

Then using my staple gun I stapled the letters together. It worked perfect for the spots where just a little bit of the letters were touching.

I then used Krylon’s Stainless Steel Spray Paint and sprayed the whole thing. The can of paint was $8 but I used a 40% off coupon and got it for about $5!

The PB’s is bronze but I don’t have a lot of bronze in my Holiday décor so I chose a shiny silvery color instead – I am so glad I went with Silver – I love it!!

Throw in some Christmas red and green and it looks perfect!

Christmas Noel

NOEL sign

Noel sign 2

Not bad for $11!! and it’s even a color that goes with my décor! You gotta love that! 


Pink Elephant 1st Birthday Party

At the beginning of November, my baby girl turned 1! Can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday I posted this -

But here we are – one year later and more in love with her than ever! The inside scoop is that we call her “peanut!” Because she is our tiny little peanut – so I wanted to do a party that sort of revolved around that! and all I could think of was pink elephants -

cute right?

Disclaimer: This party is the perfect example of why I need a professional photographer to follow me around everywhere – because I did a ton of really cute things – and then either got really crappy pictures or none at all. sad.

I set the whole party up so all the dinner items would be at the kitchen table and the dessert items would be in the front room.

For dinner I served homemade chicken pot pie, rolls, green salad and a raspberry sherbet/sprite drink. Personally – I thought it turned out awesome!

In the front room I set up the candy jars, cupcakes and both cakes -

Pink Elephant Birthday Party (2) copy

I used my Silhouette to cut out the “Happy Birthday Tenley” Banner, the cupcake and cake toppers and the little labels for the candy jars -
Then added a bunch of pink and white balloon and Chinese lanterns!

Pink Elephant Birthday Party (6) copyPink Elephant Birthday Party (8) copy

and one last picture of the cutest little one year old I know!

Pink Elephant Birthday Party (11) copy


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