Lacey Rosette Headband {Tutorial}

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Things have been so crazy around my house lately! My daughter turned one last week so I threw her a party (more details on that to come), we had one year old pictures (nightmare!), Creative Carousel details, a basement remodel and family colds – and somewhere in between my grandmother passed away. Crazy right? The kids and I are sneaking away in the middle of the night to California to be with family while the hubby stays home to man the fort – But yesterday I spent all day working on some new tutorials. It was nice to have a good craft day to freshen up! A couple days ago I was at Hobby Lobby and saw a little girl with a darling headband – and I thought “I can totally make that” so I did and want to share the tutorial with you!

You will need:
Lace Trim
Liquid Stitch/Fabric Tack
Glue Gun

This is a NO SEW tutorial so anyone can make it! yay!!

First we need to make three rosettes – Here is a tutorial for frayed fabric rosettes:

Tear your fabric into strips. The length and width of the fabric will determine how big/wide your rosettes are.

Tie one end in a knot. That is the middle of your rosette.

With your knot in one hand, use your other hand to pull the fabric out -
(I was doing this by myself so I did my best with one hand to show you how, but I always use two!)

- then twist it 180 degrees.

As you twist it, wrap it around your knot.

Add a small dot of fabric tack/liquid stitch to hold it in place.

Keep twisting and gluing in a circle until you have the size you need.

When you are almost finished you will have a little tail -

Add some glue to the back and glue the tail to the back of the rosette – this will secure all the layers.

And then your done!

How to Make the Lacey Rosette Headband

Cut out a piece of felt a little bit smaller than the size you want.

Using hot glue, start gluing your lace on the felt, overlap it a little bit here and there to make it look ruffled.

When your are done with the outside, move to the inside – just keep going in a spiral.

When your reach the middle, cut off any excess and and finish up.

Hot glue on three rosettes in a triangle shape.

Next take your jewels or sequins and add them here and there to the rosettes and lace.
The one I saw in Hobby Lobby had sequins but I didn’t have any so I just used my little jewels and they worked just fine.

Then simply glue it onto a headband or a clip. I chose to put mine on a headband. You can find headband and clips for a great price here!

After I glued it to the headband I added another piece of felt so it was nice and secure and soft against my head.

and then your done!

I la la love the accent of the little jewels – so fun!

Have fun making a bunch and if you do, please send me a picture! I love to see things when you guys make them!
Happy Wednesday!

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Jami Balmet said...

What a great tutorial! Thank you! Love all of your pictures, it makes it a very easy tutorial to follow :)

I can't wait to have some little girls and get to dress them up all cute in lacy headbands!

Anne Maskell said...

your headband is beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial!


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