Lifestyle Crafts Info and Huge Giveaway!

I want to tell you about an amazing giveaway going on at Lifestyle Crafts this week – but first I wanted to tell you about their fabulous new lines they are releasing today! They are called Clip It, Tag It and Edge It – Each one has fun little dies to do just want the name says – clip, tag or edge! The awesome people over at Lifestyles sent me a couple dies from the Clip It Line to play with and I have been so excited to share them with you! Do you guys like looking through magazines, finding ideas and taking note of things to do or make? Me too – But do you have those dumb little sticky tags that stick out all over and look lame? Me too! Well that problem is fixed because now you can clip your pages with new little Clip It tags – Using the new line, I created a bunch of little “clips” to clip to my magazines!

Tag It 2

You can also click here to see a ton more ideas you can use these “It Kits” for!

Remember to always use the code “CREATIVE ENDEAVOR” to get 20% off your ENTIRE purchase! And right now when you buy the “It Kits” you can get the digital downloads of the shapes for FREE!!

Oh! I almost forgot – Since we are talking about product and sales - Lifestyles is having a huge SALE this weekend! On November 4th and 5th they will be having a HUGE sale with tons of items marked down by 75%!! The sale is ONLINE and at their WAREHOUSE (1450 West 105 North | Orem, UT 84057) So make sure you check them out – and make sure to tell them I sent you!!

You may have heard but Lifestyle Crafts have a great new giveaway that they are launching today and all you have to do is create an account on Lifestyle Crafts website.  By doing that you are entered to win…

Yep, you read that right! A new camera and fabulous Jo Totes bag! They have an even BIGGER GRAND PRIZE if you create something with one of their products and then post it in their gallery. All you need to do is head over to their blog to learn all the details.  And if you really love me – tell them that Amanda from Every Creative Endeavor sent you over!!

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