Planked, Rustic Christmas Tree

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I hope you guys have been loving this month’s creative carousel projects!
In case you missed one here is the re-cap one more time!

Holiday Decor

Alison, Kristyn, Kara, Amy, Kelli and Kristi.

And don’t forget to enter to win one of the THREE prize packages we have – each worth over $150 -
It ends tonight at midnight and I am going to announce the Three big winners tomorrow!

My project for this time around is a Planked Rustic Christmas Tree!

This project is so simple – but turns out totally darling! You can totally make this during naptime!

First: Go to your scrap pile (or home depot) and grab some pine wood.

Second: Decide how wide you want your Christmas Tree and starting at the bottom, cut your planks.
Each time you cut the next one, just take a little bit more off until you have the number of layers you would like.

Third: Cut one extra for the stump and the trunk.

Fourth: I used Spray Paint and painted my tree green and my stump and truck brown.

Fifth: I used my sander and shabbied up all my planks a little bit.

Sixth: Turn your planks over and arrange them a little bit wonky and then nail them in.
I used a pin nailer but you could easily use a hammer or some screws and driver!

For the final touch – I added a small metal star that I had on hand. Mine was already a golden yellow – just the perfect color but you could easily spray paint one to be the color you need.

and then your done!!

Planked Christmas Tree 15

Don’t you love it?? I do!

Planked Christmas Tree 14Planked Christmas Tree 13

Only two more weeks until Thanksgiving and then I get to display it! yay!!
I have some Thanksgiving ideas in the works so be looking for those these coming two weeks!
Have a great week!!


Natalie said...

CUUUUTE!!! I love this!

Alison @ Oopsey Daisy said...

This is SO dang cute, Amanda! love the planked look!!

Michelle said...

So cute! I need a scrap wood pile like you!

Teresa1982 said...

Very cool!

Lisa @ Lisa's Craft Blog said...

This is sooo cute!! I don't have any "planks" of wood, but I have some small slats!! I'm going to make some ornaments in this style!! Thanks so much for the tutorial!!
Lisa's Craft Blog

Anonymous said...

Very cute! I may copy this... I pinned it! I'm a new follower

Stacey said...

I'm pinning too. This is just too cute. If only I owned a power saw.

Amy @ Positively Splendid said...

I love this little guy! Such a fun and whimsical idea!

Anonymous said...

Very charming!

Myfriendscallmesuzy said...

So cute! Great job. I'm now your newest follower.


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