Christmas List Ornaments

When I saw these adorable ornaments made by Amy at Positively Splendid I fell in love!
I was so excited when my Sister In Laws put this on their “To Do List” too!
I love having homemade ornaments and these are so cute. They are perfect for me to remember what they looked like and what Santa brought them in 2011 (even though I am sure even when they are older I am still going to see them at this age!)

Stamped Christmas List Ornaments

IMG_0567 copyIMG_0570 copyIMG_0572 copy

I didn’t have any tags on hand – so I just stamped 2011 onto the bottom of their lists.
Even though I only showed Tenley’s list – Quinn has one too!
He wants trains!

Are you guys making homemade ornaments this year?

And speaking of homemade -
I am guest posting today over at Sumo’s Sweet Stuff -
come by and check me out!

Hanging Joy Art (22)

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