No Sew Ruffled Fabric Christmas Trees {Tutorial}

Yep! I am still loving ruffles! and I couldn’t let Christmas slip by without whipping up some ruffled up décor!
I actually bought these styrofoam cones to make some glitter trees – and got out all the supplies I would need to make them -
ran down stairs to change up the laundry -
And came back to my son and niece dumping 2 large cans of green glitter ALL OVER THE CARPET!!

So – I changed the game plan a little and decided to make some ruffled trees with some Christmas fabric I had in my stash.

I am actually really glad that the glitter trees didn’t work out because I really love these trees!

Let’s make some for you too!

You will need:

- Styrofoam Cones
- Fabric
- Hot Glue
- Fabric Cutter (I used a rotary blade)
- Scissors

Next, cut 1” strips of fabric. They can be however long you need them. I had some that were pretty long and some that were really short just because of my scraps. You just need to make sure you have enough to cover your cones.

Then you simply start at the bottom, using hot glue, and ruffle the fabric as you go.

In order to ruffle the fabric, I simply applied about 2-3 inches of hot glue… (Here you can see the end of one strip. If you come to the end, just apply more glue and keep going as if you hadn’t!)

Then layed my fabric down over the top of the glue.

Then used my finger to pinch the fabric – making little ruffles!

I just kept gluing, wrapping and pinching all the up the cone.  When I got to the top I added a big glob of glue and pinched the fabric into a point.

And then your done! So simple! So fun!

Imagine all the possibilities with all the darling fabric out there!! You could even use Christmas ribbon too – then you wouldn’t even have to cut and could just get started gluing! Have fun! and remember to come back tomorrow for the Linky Party!!

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Rhoda said...

These are really cute!


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