Ornament Wreath

Remember a couple years ago when THIS wreath was THE wreath of the year?


And every.single.person. (and their cute dogs) made one?

Seriously – it just exploded into blog land like the plague – but why not – it is super cute and super easy to make!

So easy – I made one this year!!

I used a bunch of ornaments I had from previous years that I wasn’t using this year – and strung them onto my wire hanger.
You can find a full tutorial here.
Eddie Ross used ornaments that were all the same size.
I took a gamble and used some that were all different sizes – and love the way it tuned out!

Since mine were all different sizes – I had a few {bare} places – so I simply hot glued some extra ornaments in to fill it in a little bit more.

Then hung it up with a big green bow!

I love it and am well pleased with the way it turned out!
So if you have no idea what I am talking about or haven’t jumped on the band wagon yet -

(Is that enough peer pressure for you!! haha!)

I mean – you still have FIVE days before Christmas!!

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