Etched Glass Flutes

Do you guys LOVE Valentine's Day?
I love my hubby all year but think it's fun to celebrate big and make cute little gifts for loved ones -
something a little more then just a simple Valentine -
so I wanted to share with you the first part of my Valentine gifts this year -

I have seen etching all over the place - but have never done it.
To be honest - for some reason - it sorta scared me a little bit -
How do you etch glass??
Weird, right? Because etching this was SO EASY!!
Like - really super duper easy -
First - you need to grab your supplies -
You will need:
champagne flutes
Etching cream
and a paint brush

I bought my champagne flutes at Ikea - they were $5 for 6! That works great for me because we hardly ever use them and when we do my 2 year old likes to be in on the action too!
I used my silhouette and cut out the vinyl - if you don't have a vinyl cutter you can use an exacto knife or a die cut machine to cut out your shape.
Peel the vinyl carefully off it's backing and stick it onto your flute.
Now we start the etching process -
Simply brush on a think layer of the etching cream - lightly brushing it on.
Wait for about 5 minutes...
... then wash it off. Peel off your vinyl and your done!
See! I told you it was easy!!
This project only took me about 10 minutes tops -
Quick and easy - but so cute!!
Mine say Husband and Wife - perfect for Valentine's Day -
but you can make your's say whatever you want.
His & Hers
Your names
What will your Glass Valentine Day Flutes say?

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Kellie said...

Great Tutorial! Many thanks :)

Kayla said...

Saw this on TT&J! What a great idea! I'll definitely be doing this for my wedding!


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