Family Motto & 10 Resolutions for 2012

January is a hard month for me – it is cold and yucky and dark. ugh.

I spend weeks thinking about goals I need to make and things I should accomplish during the year – things that I am not the best at:

Eat Less Candy
Lose More Weight
Spend Less Money

You know the stuff that I am I have on my list EVERY year and the stuff that makes me feel yucky about myself.


But then our family came up with a family Motto:

Never Stop Striving For The Best That Is Within You!

(I used Photoshop to make it all cute and put it in a frame for our family room. )

and ever since I put it in a frame and set it upon the shelf where I see it every day I have been thinking about the best that is within ME along with New Year’s Resolutions.

Never Stop Striving For The Best That Is Within You!

My attitude changed and so did my resolutions.

What is the best within me? Sometimes we spend so much time thinking about all the things we are doing wrong – we forget about the things we are the best at. Instead of spending the year thinking about the things I need to be better at {Not that you should ever stop trying to better yourself} I want to spend the year thinking about the things I am best at – so here is a list of the things that I have resolved to do this year!

This year {in no particular order}

I will continue finding JOY in my husband and children.
I will continue to be CREATIVE and share it.
I will continue to LOVE my family.
I will continue to make HEALTHY homemade dinners.
I will continue being SILLY and goofy.
I will continue making FRIENDS.
I will continue MAKING life Fun!
I will continue WORKING for better relationships.
I will continue BUILDING my testimony of the Gospel.
I will continue STRIVING for the best that is within me.

Have you guys made your Resolutions yet? Do you have a family Motto? I would love to hear what are you guys working on.

I wasn’t planning on sharing this printable so it only goes up to an 8x10 but feel free to make our Family Motto – your family motto! You can find the 8x10 printable here.

Please note:
- These Printables are for EVERY CREATIVE ENDEAVOR readers only!
- Each one can be printed up to  8x10for awesome prints! (anything bigger than that will look awful – but you can definitely go smaller!)
- If you use this printable on the internet – please link back!
- These are for Personal use only. Please do not claim them or sell them as your own!!

1 comment:

Brittany @ My Decoupaged Life said...

We decided to have a family word this year: Listen. There are so many interpretations so I'm excited. I love your family motto!


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