Organization Week: Cute Calendar Ideas

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To keep our family organized and so we know the happenings of every day we have a family calendar -

Funcational monthly calendars1

I bought two of them on sale from Hobby Lobby. They used to have white frames but us crafters can’t leave anything alone so I gave them a coat of blue (Rustoleum Slate Blue) I had on hand. They came with little brackets that I installed on the wall and those are permanent – then I have the recent month hanging on the top and the next month on the bottom – then on the first of the month I simply move the bottom one up to the top, wipe off the top one and that one becomes the bottom one. Pretty simple process and nothing super fancy but it works great for our family.

I hung them in the little space between our laundry room door and garage door – so we see it multiple times a day. It’s also nice to glace at it as I am running out the door to make sure I don’t have anything {else} going on that day. Besides our family binder (which I will share with you later this week) these are currently the only calendars I have hanging up in my house – but I wanted to share some more ideas for calendars with you and after seeing some of these cute ideas – I may have to fix that!

Wall Calendar
Using Vinyl you could create this darling wall calendar – You would need dry erase vinyl and chalkboard vinyl – or to make the days more permanent you could just use black vinyl.

penndant calendar
How cute is this Pendant Calendar?

Scrapbook Calendar
You could easily scrapbook up this darling calendar from Poppy Paperie

magnetic chalkboard calendar-13
I love the colors on this magnetic chalkboard calendar from The Country Chic Cottage

chalkboard calendar
There is also this really cute chalkboard calendar from Little Lucy Lu

Glass Calendar
I also love this Glass Dry Erase Calendar from Somewhat Simple

How do you guys keep your family happenings organized on a calendar?
In case you missed the FREE 2012 Printable Calendarsclick here!
I’ll be back in a little bit with some labeling ideas!

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Christi Lynn said...

what a cute idea! they look great!


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