Organization Week: Family Binder

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How do you guys keep all your family stuff together? I’m talking schedules and bills and meals and church meetings and organization meetings and important paper and receipts?

Me? I have it all in one place:

Each year it gets a new cover:

(see how it matches the organization week logo/thing?)

Pretty much that is the only thing Fancy about this binder. It is meant to be a work horse! Nothing cute about that!

In the front are the binder pencil and pen. They NEVER leave the binder.

Then comes another family calendar. I use this yearly calendar to add things onto my bi-monthly calendars. Sometimes things get planned way in advance (like doctor appointments) and it all goes here.

Next comes bills. ugh. I have a list of each bill that needs to be paid with the date it is due and how much it is. I have most of my bills automatically coming out of my bank account but it is nice to remember when. Some bills like our house payment and insurance never change – but bills that do change I have left blank. Sometimes I use a sticky tab with the amounts on them and sometimes I write them in in pencil and simply erase.

Next I have a clear sleeve with bills to pay in it.
They never get lost or forgotten because they automatically go here.

IMG_1070 copy

Next I have a list of our favorite dinners and sides. This is helpful with weekly meal planning because sometimes I simply cannot pick out items to eat but if I have a list I can pick things off of it and I am good to go!

Next is my blog calendar – {You probably recognize it from here!} I gotta have a place to keep that organized plus it helps me keep my ideas flowing and lets me know what I should be working on and what goes up when.
I try and keep 2 weeks out but sometimes that doesn’t always happen.

Next up is birthdays – this is new this year. I am awful with Birthdays so I thought if I had a place where I could see’s when everyone’s birthday is I can be a little better.

(sorry it is blurry – I have no idea what happened but you get the idea!)

It’s nothing fancy – just a list of the months and days that I have filled in.

Next up is church calling stuff – but you could put PTA stuff here, political stuff,  just stuff for whatever you are involved with.

Next I have a page protector for all important receipts – I don’t have a picture because right now (since it is the new year) we don’t have any – but it will be full before the end of the year!

IMG_1075 copy

In the back I have a little notebook, the gym daycare phone numbers and our address labels -

And there you have it!

I am sure as our kids grow ours will change and get bigger but I am positive these things will always be in there! Like I said, nothing super fancy but it helps keep us organized! Do you have a family binder?
What sort of stuff do you keep in yours?


The Allen Family said...

This is truly a fabulous idea! I am definitely doing it. I especially love the meal list idea.

The Lawrences said...

Love it!! Thanks for sharing! can't wait to get started on mine. It will also include a cleaning schedule! FUN. lol.

Rhonda @ home.made. said...

You are such the organized chick! I love this idea - I've tried making a family binder but never got past buying the binder... LOL! Maybe this will inspire me to finally get mine done!

Kara said...

Just found a binder while cleaning out my craft room. Now I have the perfect use for it. I love this Amanda!!

Unknown said...

I think this is such a great idea! We have one now, but it's kind of a jumbled up mess. Since it's just the two of us right now, we have sections for things like marital improvement goals or articles we have read. I need to figure out what sections I want in it for 2012. Thanks for the reminder.

skeallzy said...

I love the idea of a binder, but I find that a combination of methods work best for my (2-person) household.
We have a dry erase calendar on the fridge for at-a-glance stuff, and we both try to keep our personal google calendars up to date, so that we can access it through our phones.
We keep track of bills through a separate google calendar as well, so we can keep track of that on the go.
The few bills we get mailed to us (internet and utility) go immediately on the fridge, where it can be noted what day they were paid and they can go to the shredder when we get the new bill in the mail confirming that it posted properly.

I tried keeping a binder, I really did, but it would always get shoved under the coffee table by the cats, regardless of where we put it.


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