Organization Week: Labels, Labels, Labels

how to organize your house

It’s true. I have a problem – a BIG problem!
But at least it’s a cute problem!

I love labeling – EVERYTHING!!

When I showed my husband the label on the Cheerios – he just looked at me all crazy and said “good thing you labeled it, there was no way I would have know what it was!!”

Smartie Pants.

But really -  I can’t help it – it is just too cute and just too fun!!

Plus – Labels make things look more organized!!

Labels in the Kitchen

cute pantry labels (8) copy

I love these labels! They are a light gray and look so great! I love the frame around the words too – like love it, love it! Like open the pantry door for no reason but to see the labels love it!! Or walk into the kitchen just to see them on the counter love it!

Labels in the Laundry Room

For the bins I simply cut out the words and ironed them on using heat transfer – If you do this read this: make sure you do not get the iron on the bin material – it WILL melt!! haha! (see it under “batteries” oopsey!)

Toy Storage

cute playroom labels (3) copycute playroom labels (6) copy

I am kind of fanatical about my kids toys – I keep them all together and make sure we have all the pieces. I used to have them all in some cubbies in the family room and we had pieces all over the place – {make this mamma crazy!!} so I bought totes, smacked some labels on them and put them in his closet. This way he can still play with them but only one bin at a time! Happy mommy – Happy kids!!

Labels are an amazing way to stay organized because you always know where things go – and not just in your kitchen or the play room but also in filing and storage and holiday décor. We have storage above our garage and not one things get put up there without a label. I can just imagine that nightmare.

Are you guys crazy like me and label everything too?

Happy Labeling!!

UPDATE: If you would like to purchase the vinyl for your pantry – you can find them here.


Jerri at Simply Sweet Home said...

I love all those labels! They really make everything look nice!

Casa De Luna said...

Wow! You are really organized. Did you use some sort of machine to make your labels? I asked for a basic label maker for Christmas, but sadly did not get one.

Marie said...

YES! I'm obsessed w/ organizing an labeling everything! Where did you get your labels from?

Trish - Mom On Timeout said...

Where did you get your labels from?

Patty said...

Ooohhh! I asked for (Ok, BEGGED for) a Cricut machine for Christmas and got one. This kind of labeling project is one of the first things on my list to accomplish with it. I love it! Everything looks great! Especially the Cheerios. ;)

Michelle J. said...

I received similar Bubbermaid containers for my wedding. I'm wondering where you got your containers (for flour, sugar, etc.) I love your labels!


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