Candy Bar Bouquet

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!

I don’t know about you guys but I always struggle with what to get my husband for Valentine’s Day – He isn’t super hard to shop for normally but when it come to “romantic” I get stumped. Each year we switch off with the Valentine plans. Normally when it is my turn to plan – the “plans” themselves are the gift. This year is his year to plan but I still wanted to get him something to show him on this special day that I do love him -

I don’t know about you guys – but the way to my man’s heart is food!

Make a candy bouquet (11) copy

So I whipped him up a fun little candy bar bouquet with lots of candy bars that I know he loves!

Make a candy bouquet (6) copy

The best part of this is that you can totally personalize/customize it for anything you want. I have made these for sick sisters, friends who need a pick me up and of course Valentine’s Day! (I think I may be making this a tradition!)

They are simple to make as well. I just tape a skewer to the back of the candy bar, wrap it up in cellophane and tie a ribbon around the bottom. The just load them all up into a vase, just like you would do with flowers and tie a ribbon around the outside. This year I added some clear rocks to give the candy bars so height but I have used tissue paper before too! Either way looks so fun!

Like I mentioned before, I filled my vase with some of his favorite candy bars – but since it is Valentine’s Day – how fun would it be to do “Hot Tamales” or “Big Hunks” or “Sugar Daddys.”  You know, the candy bars with a little bit of sizzle! hee! hee!

So if you were stumped on what to get your men for V-Day – hurry on over to the store, grab a few of his favorite candy bars and make him a bouquet he will totally love!!

Make a candy bouquet (10) copy


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Kaysi @ Keeping it Simple said...

That is super cute!!! Too bad my husband doesn't like sugar or I would so do this for him!

Maria said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love this gift basket idea

seven thirty three said...

I made one of these last summer for my childrens daycare assistant. It was a total hit and it was under $8! I share a tutorial here: http://www.733blog.com/2011/08/rose-is-rose-is-rose-unless-its-candy.html

Your's tunred out great and I bet he loved it! :)


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