Display your family photos in a Plate Rack

how to decorate with family photos

Some of you may have seen this idea before and some of you probably think I’m a little bit crazy -
but a fun way to display family photos is to use a plate rack…


Simply find some cute frames that fit, add your cute faces and set them in the plate slot -


Simple right – but yet such a cute way to display some photos!


With so many different types of plate racks – this idea could really add some personality to a room -
My mom has a couple side by side so she displays four photos – hers are a bit smaller so she has 5x7 photos -
I have a plate rack with three spots – perfect for three kids…
There are just a lot of ideas you could do!


So swap out those dirty old plates and add your kids smiley faces!!



Kristin said...

Very creative and frugal way to display your photos.

Rebecca said...

What a smart idea! I love this. I have some new pictures I just got framed. I think i am going to do this. Thanks!

Robyn Beele said...

Love this idea! I have used plate racks to hold magazines and it works pretty well.


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