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I know you have all heard that Google Friend Connect {GFC} is going away on all NON blogger blogs at the end of February.


I’ll be honest – I love seeing a new friend signed up to follow me. Who doesn’t?! These past couple years have been really fun getting to know you and seeing your cute faces in my GFC and comments – my readers and followers mean a lot to me and I don’t want to lose you.

I know, I know – I am a blogger blog – but I am not sure for how much longer and {rumor has it} GFC is going away for good – so it won’t matter if you are a blogger blog or not. The idea of losing all my readers sort of makes me sick to my stomach. bleh.

I have already noticed a few blogs have taken down their GFC and have encouraged you to follow other ways and I want to encourage you too!!  You can find all the ways to connect with me on my sidebar – but feel free to click here to connect with me too!


Also – have you heard about the new Linky Followers? 

It is a brand new site that rolled out yesterday! I think it sounds like a brilliant idea and cannot wait to try it out! I signed up and will be following all the blogs I see with it on their sidebar and I hope you’ll sign up too!! The owner/creator of Linky Tools (Brent Riggs), created this awesome new tool. Brent has created a FREE service that a group of us mom bloggers have tested and helped develop. It launched yesterday and you guys are among the first to be invited to try it out. I was part of the test group and I love the new tool! I highly recommend it to you.  Here’s a glance at how it looks in a sidebar…

This is mine – so feel fee to follow away!! or you can click over on the sidebar and follow me!! I can’t bare to lose you all!!

For more information about it go here or here -


PS. I am going to be keeping up my GFC until the end of February and then it will go away -


Trish - Mom On Timeout said...

Alright - I'm following you on Linky Followers now and just put the widget on my blog. I'm curious to see how quickly this takes off. Have a great weekend!

Sarah said...

Hey, I joined yesterday & I'm happy that an alternative to GFC is out!

I just followed you!

Jennifer McLean said...

Me too! I've just added Linky Follow to my site and blogged about it. Also, I've vowed that in EVERY comment, convo or blog post I'm going to mention LINKY FOLLOWER TOOL. Hopefully with you and I and all the other enthusiastic bloggers touting LINKY, it'll be HUGE soon. Here's what I have to copy/paste for every comment after I say what I came to say anyway...

I hope you don't mind but I'm trying to get the word out...
If you are worried about the fact that google friend connect is being discontinued even eventually for blogger blogs then please come read my latest blog post, I'm trying to get the info out there about MR. LINKY'S new FOLLOWER tool!! Yes, the same guy who wrote the cool linky tool has now put out a FREE Follower tool!! Come on over and read all about it.
Jennifer McLean from www.justaddwatersilly.com

thistlewoodfarm said...

Thanks for all the inspiration! I am your newest linky follower!


Jessica said...

I too jumped on the Linky Follower bandwagon. I think its a great idea so I added it to my site. And I also followed you!!


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