German {Puffy) Pancakes Recipe

We are big breakfast people at our house – we love to make waffles and pancakes and French Toast and cinnamon rolls! – bacon, eggs and toast … and don’t forget hash browns!!

But one of our very favorite breakfast meals is German {Puffy} Pancakes!

My husband says they are the perfect combination of French Toast, Pancakes and Eggs – and I have to admit – He is right!!

German {Puffy} Pancake Recipe

6 Eggs
1c. Milk
1c. Flour
1/2 tsp. Salt
5 TBL Butter

Pre heat oven to 450.

Whip the eggs really well. Add milk, flour and salt.

Melt butter in your pan (9x13 pan) and when the butter is melted pour in the batter.

Bake for 15-20 minutes. The pancakes will form hills that rise out of the pan and puff up – so no worries when you look in your over and see mounds  - it is supposed to be that way! (wink!)

Serve with your favorite syrup – we love maple!




Treat and Trick said...

Never seen this before but it looks so yum and makes a great breakfast!

Taryn @ Design, Dining + Diapers said...

Oh my gosh these were one of my favorite things growing up! These look so good. We called them Dutch Babies, not sure where that came from :)

Ashlee Marie said...

We love german pancakes and make them all the time. But I don't like them super thin, so I DON'T beat the eggs, and then the center par, my favorite part, is thicker (I also double the recipe!) http://imtopsyturvy.com/german-pancake-recipe/

Sugarr2518 said...

Just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment:) Your puffy pancakes look delish! I will have to try these soon. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

Erin said...

Thank you for reminding me about a childhood favorite. I may try it tomorrow morning because I think my kids would love it!

Michaela @ coveredinmodpodge.blogspot.com said...

These always look soooo yummy. I've tried several different recipes and never had good results. I'll have to give this recipe a try!


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