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how to decorate with family photos

I love photography – taking pictures and printing them off to have forever! There is just something wonderful about taking the cutest pictures of your kids and freezing the moments in a tangible form – forever! I use photographs of my family to decorate all the time – sitting here on my couch I just counted seven pictures of my family that I can see. I just love filling my home with our fun memories – and freezing my kids in time for a while. Since this is such a love of mine, I though it would be fun to have a week dedicated to showing off the ways I decorate using family pictures and some of my favorite ways that I have seen others display them too!

Today I am going to show you how I have some family pictures displayed in my front room -

multi picture collage (1) copy

I sort of have a bad habit/addiction to buying picture frames – you could say that I collect them – and I used a bunch of them to create a fun little collage of family pictures on the yellow dresser (love it!) I have in my front room.

This is the biggest display of photos that I have in my home – and I love it. It has photos from my wedding, my kids, my sisters, my parents, my in-laws and each sibling with their families. I love this because my kids don’t see a few of there cousins very often but I can teach them who they are and they can learn to recognize them because we have them in our home.

multi picture collage (6) copy

There isn’t really any organization to this collage – I just found some frames (and painted some) that are the colors of that room (red, black, green, mustard), filled them with the people I love and placed them on the dresser. I put the bigger frames in the back and then just sort of put frames here and there until I was satisfied! Growing up my mom had something like this on the back of our piano and I always loved it so when my husband brought home this yellow beauty – I knew it would be perfect for this table-top display!

multi picture collage (9) copy

I’ll have some more ideas tomorrow so come on back!!


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Unknown said...

I love this series! Pictures are one of my FAVORITE things to decorate with (and I used to have something very similar to this display). Can't wait to see how you use them in your home!


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