Painting Gray …

One night last spring I got an itch to paint – my entire house.

It all started when I had my second baby and became a stay at home mom. It is funny how staying at home all day long, staring at the walls changes your mind about how you are decorating your house. Just for review – when we moved in – our front room looked like this -

To see the full post about this room you can go here. To save money (since a total home remodel and can quickly empty a piggy bank) we went to a few stores and bought a few gallons of paint – we mixed them all together and came up with this color:

I told my husband it looks like the color of chocolate milk. It was darker than I wanted it but it was midnight – we only had the paint sprayer for so long and we needed – no HAD TO get it painted – so away we went with “chocolate milk.” When it was all done and dry and we saw it in the daylight it wasn’t was bad as I thought it would be so we stuck with it. Skip forward three years and two babies later – and all of a sudden “chocolate milk” was depressing. Like wake up in a bad mood everyday sort of depressing. “What on earth is my problem?” I thought – and then I figured it out.

The paint. I know. I know. It may sound crazy to you but it totally made me sad.

So, one day I loaded up the kids in car and took off to Home Depot and bought 5 gallons of a light brown paint. It was a gorgeous color and I immediately started painting – but when I stepped back and looked at it – it was light, too light.

So I sat on the stairs, staring at the way to light paint and thought “maybe it’s because I am sooo used to the dark brown” So I invited over a few people and asked for honest opinions and we all decided that it was too light and there wasn’t enough contrast.

Darn it.

So there I sat with 4 1/2 gallons of way too light paint – distraught.

My husband came to my rescue and suggested that I mix the light color with the “chocolate pudding” color we had for the kitchen.


So he mixed it up for me and I began to paint the front room once again. I painted the front room, up the stairs and into the hallway. At first I really liked the color – but ya know what? I wasn’t in la la la love with it.

Summer came and went and I just left it alone. I would look at it all the time and wonder about it until I finally decided that I hated it. It wasn’t brown after all – more of a peach color. But how was I going to tell my husband that I hated it and wanted to paint again for the third time this year? I laid awake until four o’clock in the morning wondering what I should do about such an awful color – and then just like that the thought came to mind

paint gray.

What? Paint Gray? No way! I am way too much of a brown person – plus there are so many different grays what if I screw it up? But I got out of bed (yes it Four in the morning) and went to my computer and started looking up gray paint colors and advice and when I finally decided that I could go gray – I fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up and remembered that I had a pint size can from Glidden that I got for free during a promotion they were having. I went to the closet, grabbed the paint, opened it up and on the top of the can was brown. I had ordered a gray paint with a brown base. No way – It was just what I wanted – So I began to paint with just that little can and when I was all gone – I went and bought five more gallons – and I was in LOVE!! And my husband was glad I got rid of the ugly paint too! Turns out both of us hated it but neither one wanted to say anything – funny!

Last Fall right before Thanksgiving I repainted my front room, my stairway and hallway – entry way and laundry room entry way and our family room gray – there was no turning back and I love the color! I am so happy that I went outside my box and tried a new color. It makes me so happy – My house is so light and airy and clean feeling!

This one change has lead to a chain of new projects and colors – and needless to say – I have a lot of unfinished projects in the works around my house. One of my goals for this year is to finish up a few of those projects and share the journey with you along the way. Since I do have so many projects in the works – I don’t have a super awesome picture of the gray color – but I did find this one I took of my family room.


And because I know you are dying to know the color of the gray I choose – It is called WOODSMOKE!

I have a few projects I am wrapping up right now that I will be sharing with you later this month – so be looking for fun new things taking place in my dining room!!


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Turnedgypsy said...

I love Great just painted my Living room and hall grey..it was called wickham grey by BEN MOORE

love it..thanks for sharing

Bri@TheModernParsonage said...

I heart grey so much! We have it in our newly renovated den and it's so calming and classy. To be honest, I can't stand brown, so I'm happy you switched! :)

Unknown said...

Oh my word! I recently decided to paint my loft and I am usually a brown/neutral kind of gal, but decided since I have yellow leather couches I would try out the grey/yellow trend that is so popular right now. (My husband was very nervous when I told him my idea) So I set out to find the perfect shade of grey....it's MUCH harder than I thought. I brought home sample after sample until I FINALLY found THE ONE..... drumroll please.... Woodsmoke by Glidden! Yeah! I am in LOVE with the color and just love how my loft make-over is turning out with the grey yellow and touch of black & white!

Kaysi @ Keeping it Simple said...

I LOVE the gray, it looks so good!!

Natalie said...

LOVE IT! We just barely painted our house gray, too!!!I absolutely love it! You picked a great one!

Unknown said...

Ahh I hate when decor thoughts pull you out of bed un the middle of the night. Looks great!

Unknown said...

grey color is my favorite one,,your home looks so great
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