Quick and Easy Homemade Pizza

A few weeks ago I was in a discussion about traditions and it made me begin to think about starting traditions in our family – outside of holidays.  What fun things are my kids going to look back and miss when they are older and grown up? Right now my kids are really little so the sky is the limit for me to start incorporating fun traditions and make fun memories! One of the things my husband and I decided on together was Friday Night Pizza Night! But let’s face it – I am home with 2 babies all day long and sometimes on Friday night the very last thing I want to do is make dough and sauce – and you get the idea! Are you with me? But I still don’t want the grease and fat of a Pizza Hut Deep Dish (mmmm…. pizza hut!) every week – so I make {homemade} pizza the quick and easy way!

A Quick and Easy Homemade Pizza

My secret – Rhodes Rolls! These are the best non-homemade {homemade} rolls! About 1.5 hours before pizza makin’ I pull them out of the freezer and let them thaw -

Then each of us shape the dough into our own pizza crust …

… and smother it with premade Pizza Sauce (ours is Contadina Pizza Squeeze) – I told you I am lazy Friday Night dinner maker!

Then we top it off with all our favorite toppings.

Quick and Easy Pizza 6

The best part is that they are fun little personal pizza’s so everyone can make them the way they want too! My son loves, love, loves to pull the stool right up to the counter and make his own {piece-a} as he would say.

All the ingredients are fresh and so yummy!

Quick and Easy Pizza 1

It is always so fun to see all the different ways our pizza’s turn out – there are so many combos you can make -
Then we simply throw them in the oven at 350 for 10-12 minutes and Enjoy!!

Quick and Easy Pizza 2

Good thing tomorrow is Friday! I am ready for some pizza!!!
Do you guys have a fun “dinner night” tradition? I want to hear about it!


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Laura said...

That's so funny! I have been eating this exact thing everyday this week and last, even down to the squeeze contadina sauce! It's perfect because I put a bunch of rolls on a pan in the fridge to thaw and pull them out a couple at a time every day.

Drama Mama Lori said...

Amanda, what a smart idea! It never occurred to me to use the rolls, but they seem like they'd be much tastier than those pre-made pizza crusts! Going to try this tonight with the gang~ ~Lori

Megan said...

what a great idea to use rhodes rolls! thank you! you just made my friday nights easier!
thanks for linking up to make it monday! :)


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