Painting my Kitchen/Dining Room

A couple weeks ago I shared with you how I spent last spring and fall painting my home gray.

But I wasn’t done painting yet…

I’m not sure if you remember but my dining room used to look like this:

dining room

After I painted the surrounding rooms gray – the chocolate pudding paint didn’t look all that great. Don’t get me wrong – I Loved That Color! But since I was lightening up the rest of my house, I couldn’t leave the kitchen untouched. 

I’ll be honest – after painting and repainting (because the color was this horrible awful peach color) our home all spring and autumn long – my husband had pretty much had it with me painting. Like, if you could forbid something – he would have – so how was I to paint the kitchen without risking my husband feeling neglected?? And then I figured it out…


Each October my husband leaves for a week to run around the mountains and play hunter – okay he actually is really great at hunting – but he was going to be gone for a week – at the most! What better time to paint the kitchen??

I’ll just say it: My husband went hunting and I was sneaky and painted the kitchen without him knowing.

There I said it.

25 minutes after he pulled out of the driveway – I grabbed the two paint samples I had stored away in the closet and started painting the walls here and there with both samples to see which one I liked better. I knew that  my time was limited so I had to make the most of it - I couldn’t screw up by picking a paint I wasn’t totally in love with and having him come home to it. After looking at both samples for 24 hours I headed to Home Depot and grabbed a gallon of Cyprus Grass by Glidden.

I spent the next couple nights neglecting my children (just kidding they were sleeping!) my sleep – and got it all cut in and painted!! It was the quickest paint job ever! Okay, maybe not ever but it was really quick! You see – he plans to go hunting for a week – but as soon as he gets something he packs up and comes home –so he could have been home in just a couple days! and since he always walks through the door no sooner than 3:00 in the morning – he totally would have caught me brush in hand!

But I made it - with a  few days to spare!! Here is a little sneak peek! Don’t mind my daughter – I could not get her to move.
She’s just chillin’ pretending to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse –

And I love it!! I haven’t regretted it one bit!! The green was the perfect paint color to accent the gray – it looks awesome (if I do say so myself.) Cyprus grass is wonderful – it is calming and light and airy!

and my husband (did you think I was going to leave you wondering!!) he came home true to hunting fashion at 3:00 in the morning and walked into a freshly painted kitchen. This is what I heard:

“What the??!!”
What did she do?”
and then a “Whatever”

In the morning he told me I was sneaky! and that he liked it!! He actually really loves the green too - or he really loves me -  hopefully both!

I have some more dining room projects coming up – so stay tuned!



Kristi said...

I love the green! And your husband is a trooper. The most dramatic thing I ever did when my husband was away was pull up all the carpet in the living room and hall way at a house we used to live in. I suspected that we had untouched hardwood floors under that ugly green shag carpet. Thankfully, I was right!

Rhiannon said...

ha ha! Hilarious! But great job! And I do love the colour!

Alicia @ The Creative Vault said...

Ha! I thought I was the only one who repainted the house every time my husband left for the week. :) Better to ask forgiveness than permission!!! Lol. Love the green!

Kara said...

Love the color Amanda! I think my husband would be thrilled if I painted when he went out of town, because he wouldn't have to help me. LOL!

Mickey said...

Haha! Several years ago I was no longer loving my carpet. It was Berber, so would never wear our, and as close to white as you can get w/o it actually being white. (it did not APPEAR that light on the sample!). My husband left for the weekend to play an out of town golf tourney. In a fit of rage at the carpet, I pull every inch of it up. I even had to push some of it out the windows as it was too heavy for me to carry. When my husband came home his 1st remark was " have you lost your mind?!" My answer was, " no, I want new floor covering and this is the easiest way I can think of to convince you I am serious." I got new hardwood floors very soon afterwards! Sometimes drastic measures are called for.

Cricut Crazy said...

Am I the only one that can't see the color change??


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