Funky Business Cards

The Wednesday morning before SNAP – I was thinking about all the things I had and needed to pack for the conference and realized that I did have any business cards – not one.

Obviously it was way too late in the game to jump on line and order some so I did the next best thing  and did what any creative blogger would do in a pinch and I made some!

FunkyBusinessCards4-1 copy

I wanted my cards to resemble my blog/website a little bit so using the same exact colors and fonts – I created it in Photoshop.  I imported my image in to the Silhouette Studio and added a label around the outside and was in business! I wanted to cut them out in a fun shape to add a little bit of personality. I used some heavy white cardstock I had purchased at Office Max and using the print and cut feature, printed and cut out a bunch! I was worried that they would look a little too homemade – but I think they turned out awesome and I find myself handing them out all the time. In the little blank spot between twitter and email is my phone number – but that is a little too personal to be putting out on the web – but if you do have a real card and would like to call me – go for it!!

FunkyBusinessCards6-1 copy

What do you think? Do you like them?



Leanne said...

Those are darling! Why don't I have one?

Kori said...

I think they look great. I love the shape! My one piece of advice, is to get a google voice number. It is free and is a phone number that you can forward to your cell or home phone or both. And you get turn that on or off at anytime, so you don't have to worry about weirdos having your personal number! :)

Amy C said...

Very Cute Amanda! I love that shape! I know what you mean by making cards last minute. The day of the QBM, I was printing some that I made up in photoshop too. :) Yours are much cuter than mine tho.

Bastian Family said...

Love the card, love the color, love the shape!

Unknown said...

Fantastic cards! Why have boring, rectangular business cards? I never thought about cutting them out that way before, you're a genius!


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