I love a yummy scented home…

I think I have mentioned this before – but I love walking into my home and having it smell amazing!
I even think my home seems cleaner when it smells great!

I love to change the smells with the seasons too –
I love fruity scents – like strawberry or mango in the summer.
I love pumpkin and spice in the Fall
I move into the sugar cookie and hollyberry-ish scents in the winter -
And for the spring I love clean scents.

I always feel like spring is perfect for cleaning and airing out my house so anything that smells fresh is perfect!

I have few candles but can’t ever light them because my 2 year old thinks it’s his birthday and constantly blows them out. My house ends up smelling more like burnt matches than the actual smell of the candle -

Enter Candle Warmers – A perfect solution for a smell good home without a flame!

While at the Breathing Space Blogging Retreat – Candle Warmers were a sponsor and put warmers with different smells in each model home and it was so fun to walk into each home and smell the wonderful aroma! No matter what scent it was – it was amazing!! So I was super excited knowing a fun little package was on it’s way to my house!

I’ve spent the last week inviting these awesome smells into my home and trying out the fun candle warmers. The best part about the advancement of the warmers is how cute they have become and how the fit into any décor. I also love that I can simply change them out for a different look. I can have a warmer look like this Blue Fluer De Lis…

candle warmer

… Or I can switch it out for a lamp look.

The other thing I love is how amazing the Jamie Clair scents are! I received Sweet Pea wax melts  and Clementine Ginger candle – and they each smell amazing! I only use a couple wax melts and I can smell it through my entire home! The candle didn’t take long to scent my home either – so fast! And the next day after I didn’t turn the warmers back on because I felt like I could still smell Sweet Pea lingering in the air!

Classic 010

With so many fun products it is easy to find a style and smell that is just right for you!

Do you guys love warmers? What are some of your favorite scents?
I  have a HUGE announcement coming up next week so come on back!!


Disclaimer: I did receive product from Candle Warmers to review – but all opinions are honest and are my own!

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