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How is your Wednesday going? We have no big plans here beside yard work – blah! I hate yard work – well, I guess I should say I hate hard yard work, like raking out a crap load of dirt or hauling wheel barrow after wheel barrow of top soil to the back yard. Mowing, planting flowers and pulling weeds here and there doesn’t bother me at all – to bad where not quite there in our backyard yet – but we will be soon and that thought keeps me keeping on!!

I wanted to pop in really quick and talk to you about staying connected with me – I am not sure how many of you noticed but I took my Google Friend Connect down a couple weeks ago – With all the changes that Google was making to it I felt that it sort of became irrelevant – but that doesn’t mean that we can’t stay connected! I have started adding this fun little image to the bottom of my posts (it is also on my sidebar). These are all the ways we can stay connected!


Facebook – Twitter – RSS Feed – Email – Pinterest

I encourage you to follow along with me with one or all of these ways! I would hate for anyone to be left behind!! So go ahead and click on any button you may be missing and I’ll see you there!


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