Numbered Kitchen Bar Stools

Hello everyone! How was your long weekend? I sort of unplugged a little bit while we worked and worked in our backyard! That is a post that will be coming up soon – we still have a bunch of work to do back there but we are getting so close to adding sod – I think we may even have a “sod date” and that makes me smile from ear to ear – which is a good thing because after raking and raking I feel like crying hurt and hurt from head to toes! haha.

I do have a fun little project to share with you today! A little while ago I shared with you some red kitchen bar stools I had refinished when my kitchen/dining room was a different color  - but I have since painted and stenciled and changed colors – and so it goes – that the bar stools get another makeover as well!!

Numbered Bar Stools (8) copy

I used Martha Stewart’s paint “Rainwater” – the same color that I used on the painted wooden valance and gave them a nice thick coat! Of course I did primed them first! I then used my Silhouette and cut out some fun numbers in white vinyl and applied them to the top. I used Rustoleum Clear Matte and gave them a top coat.

Numbered Bar Stools (16) copyNumbered Bar Stools (10) copy

I love the way they turned out and they look wonderful in my kitchen – this was such a fun way to incorporate a fun color!

Numbered Bar Stools (2) copy

My husband was sort of dreading the number thing because he thought I would be all crazy about keeping them in order and freak out if they were out ever out of number – but I think I have impressed him because they usually stay in order and if they are out – it isn’t a big deal. I do however, always put them back in order whenever I sweep and mop.

What fun things have you done with your bar stools? I would love to see!



Kristin said...

Love how your stools turned out!

Leanne said...

I love the stools and the numbers. The color is so pretty!

Lolly Jane said...

Love these! So cute!

Melanie@Crafty Cupboard said...

These are super cute!

Jody Tolsma said...

Amanda, I was so inspired by your stools that I redid mine as well. I didn't have a cricket machine so I did mine a little differently. Come and check it out! Thanks for the inspiration.


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