Tin Foil Potatoes {On the BBQ!}

A couple weeks ago my husband and I were chopping up firewood in our backyard – when we both caught wind of a glorious smell – campfire!! Since then, we have both been counting down the days until summer – and summer food!!

You know – Bar-B-Que’s and Dutch Oven and Tin Foil Dinners!
Salads, Fresh Fruit, Corn on the Cob and Summer Drinks!!

One of my families favorite summertime side dish is Tin Foil Potatoes!

Tin Foil Potatoes (9) copy

These are so simple to make and perfect for the warmer weather because you don’t have to use your oven – so you won’t make your house hot! Plus the clean up is so easy – you simply throw the tin foil away – easy peasy!!

1. Peel and slice as many potatoes as you think your family will need. Place the slices on a piece of tin foil large enough to wrap up.
You will need to butter and salt and pepper them as well. Add a lot of butter – the butter keeps them from burning.
2. Roll your tin foil together at the top and on both sides.
3. Flip your wrapped potatoes over and wrap them up one more time.
4. Head out to the warmed up BBQ and toss them on! You will want to flip them about every five minutes –
that way neither side will burn.

I usually make between 4-6 medium potatoes and they take about 20-25 minutes and I flip them about 4-5 times. You carefully unwrap them and check them and if they aren’t cooked yet, rewrap them and throw them back on for a little bit longer.

Caution: When you open the tin foil there will be lot of hot steam!!

When they are all cooked and ready – open up the tin foil and enjoy!!

These are perfect for camping too because you can simply place the wrapped up potatoes right on top of the hot coals in your fire. Sometimes I like to add onion too for some extra flavor!

Oh! And you probably want to make more than you think because you will lick the tin foil clean!!

What are your favorite summer side dishes??



Yo said...

so thankful i have a wood burning fireplace to be able to cook delish meals on. it should work, hopefully.

Kristie said...

Tin foil dinners. We have a fire pit in the back yard, so fun. The kids love it, because they usually get marshmallows to roast too.
Oh, and potato salad and grilled chicken. Sounds so good!

Melissa said...

Oh these were my favorite when I was young & we grilled out at home! Loved as a kid that I could pick what I put what I wanted in mine! My parents usually added green onions to theirs, but I liked sliced carrots! And those bits that are stuck to the bottom, always the best part!

Simply Shelly said...

YUM! this will keep me from having to heat up my oven for baked potatoes to go with our steaks!!

Unknown said...

Mmmmmm, I can taste them from here ;)


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