Cool and Clear Turquoise

This past week, I have been busy painting away but I am so happy to report that both rooms are painted!! YAY!!

I really wanted to get that part of the remodel finished because painting a few weeks before having a baby sounds like pure torture… plus, now I feel like I can move into the organizing and decorating stage of my projects which is my favorite part anyway!

I have been showing you little pieces from the boys room, but I want to move over to my daughters room for a bit. I wanted her room to bright and spunky and sassy and fun – because that is her little personality! I narrowed down the paint colors to three and let my husband pick the final one. The color that he picked was my third choice and the one I was on the fence about – but I went ahead and bought it. You know that moment when you want to go with the color that YOU want but feel like you will betray the hubs if you don’t honor his choice since you let him have it in the first place?? That is the moment I experienced and I stared at the color I wanted and said the color he wanted out loud -

I took the gallon home and got busy painting and it is BRIGHT – very bright – so bright that I thought Spencer would see it and say “Repaint!!” but when he walked in and saw it, he just smiled a big smile and said it was just what he had envisioned….

I’ll admit – it is a really pretty color – just a little more bright than I had envisioned… but it really is a pretty blue for a little girlie room! Over the past couple days the color has grown on me a little but I feel like I am going to have to bring in a lot of white to balance out all the blue. Besides white, I plan on accenting with a pink and a lime – I already have some projects in the works!!

What do you think about the color??




I am knee deep in projects right now!!
Between growing grass {and plants}, painting, refinishing, and sewing – I feel like a crazy lady!!
I also feel like I have crafting ADD where I am bouncing around from one unfinished item to the next – maybe if I bounce around a few more times something may end up finished!

In the meantime – Did I ever tell you that I settled on a fabric for my little boy’s room? Because I did! I am going with the new Riley Blake line – called Peak Hour! When I saw it released I totally fell in love (I shared my love for it on Facebook a while ago) A local fabric store (The Fabric Center) carries the cotton and the flannel – and I have been there 6 times in the last 2 weeks!

IMG_4641 copy

I am totally in love with the bright and bold colors and the little cars, trucks and vans are to die for – so cute!!

I have been working on the valance, crib bumpers, crib skirt, baby blankets – and matching twin comforters! That is a lot of fabric (I was lucky enough that Riley Blake actually provided the fabric for one of the comforters!) In my head this room is adorable and fun and bright – so I hope it turns out like I have planned! But really with these fabrics how can one go wrong??

My living room literally looks like the Riley Blake Warehouse exploded in it! (and I would be lying if I didn’t say I love it!!) A project here, a project there, scraps here and there – and {an almost} comforter top in the crazy middle of it all!!

IMG_4644 copy

I can’t wait to share all of my fun projects with you – I have some tutorials coming up so stay tuned!! What summer sewing projects are you working on? And do you have crafting ADD too? Maybe it’s the heat!! Oh – and do you like the fabric???



Ever Need a “Do-Over?”

Some people can go through life and never regret one decision they have made – Me? I regret things all the time and wish that I could go back and do things differently. While I was thinking about this topic I was actually having a hard time narrowing down which moment I should talk about – Am I the only one like this? Well it just so happens that while I was thinking about something to do-over one of those moments happened! We had gone to the drive-in movie the night before and both my husband and I were tired! So tired that neither of us felt like getting up with our kids that morning and we just let play in their rooms for a few moments -

If you have been following along with my blog, then you know that I have been working on remodeling my kids rooms – and pretty much our entire upstairs is in complete disarray!

My son is very aware of what is going on and is really excited for his new room – he loves to help me every step along the way and when he sees my paint clothes will ask “Mommy you painting my new room?” They have been really great not to touch anything or the fresh paint and I have been impressed with how well they have behaved…. until…. Quinn came into my room and in my half conscious state I heard him say “I helping!!” I rolled over and immediately leaped out of bed – but you would too if this was staring you in the face:

At first my husband thought it was pink paint – which left us wondering – but we soon found out it was only spackle! Which was still a HUGE pain, but easier to clean up than paint! We have the spackle which is pink until it dries – so you can see that we aren’t too neglectful since all the spackle is still pink and hadn’t dried yet – but that little monkey was super “helpful!”

I thought I had gotten all the holes the day before, but apparently I had missed quite a few….

So yes, if I had it to do over, I would have gotten my lazy body out of bed and played with my kids that morning instead of scrubbing down the bed, the hallway and the carpet!  Playing Little People is much more enjoyable!

Have any of you ever needed a “do-over” with your little helpers??

I was compensated for this post as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All the opinions expressed here are my own.

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Preparing to Paint -

Remember when my daughter’s room looked liked this….

fun lanterns for your room copy

Well it doesn’t look like this anymore….

I have sold the glider and all her bedding and have striped her room bare! She only has her crib and dresser. This past weekend I started on the paint – It is almost done, I just have one more coat I need to do on one wall and then I’ll be done for now!

I am painting this room the same color as the rest of my home – Woodsmoke by Glidden. There is going to be so much color with the fabric and d├ęcor that I didn’t want the walls to be too busy – So that is what is going on around here! I will update as I go and bring you along for the ride! What summer projects do you guys have going on?



Little Boy Sports Room

I am taking a break from backyard stuff today to share a little bit of my home! Since we have a little boy on the way, we are going to be moving my kids rooms around. Right now Quinn is in the smaller room and Tenley is in the bigger room so we need to switch it around and make the boy room bigger and the girl room smaller. This is going to be quite the project and I am hoping to have them both moved and the remodel done by the end of the summer (August) to give our kids time to adjust before the new baby arrives in October – With all of that being said – I wanted to share Quinn’s room with you. I have never shared his whole room on my blog and I thought it would be fun before I tear it all apart!! I put his room together 3 years ago before I started blogging.

We simply painted the bottom half of his room a navy blue and added the wall paper boarder that matched his bedroom set. His bedding is Cocalo Baby Sports Fan and I purchased it on-line. It came with all the crib stuff so right now the only parts that are still out are the sheet, quilt and valance. I love it and it worked perfect for our sweet little boy! I bought letters for his name at Hobby Lobby and painted them to match his bedding and then added footballs, basketballs, stars, baseball mitt and soccer balls to the letters. They came pre-painted and I simply used wood glue and glued them on.

IMG_4526 copy

We found his dresser on KSL classifieds and spent hours sanding the yellow paint off and re-stained it dark walnut to match his crib. When we moved him to a toddler bed we bought the walnut one to match.

IMG_1018 copy 

I also made the little sports plaques above his dresser. I went to the Wood Connection and bought the little wooden frames and bed board inserts and painted and sanded them to match his name and bedding. Then I bought the bigger sports balls to match his name and using wood glue – glued them on too! I bought my little wooden sports balls at Micheals but I have seen them at Jo-Ann’s as well.

When he got a little bit older I needed more storage for toys and books than just the little basket I had before. I used this old wooden bookshelf I had from who knows when, gave it a coat of Rustoleum Heirloom White and filled it with books and baskets to keep things a little more organized.

On the wall by his closet, I simply put up a little quote and called it good. Right now there is a real toy box sitting in his room full of extra blankets. I have always meant to redo it and really put his toys in there but never got around to it – this summer may just be the summer!!

IMG_4532 copy

Quinn’s room is one of my husband’s favorite rooms – and now three years later it is time to change it up and make it girly!! I have a lot of things planned for his (now her room) and it will be fun to change things up and add new colors and new personality to each room. Wish us luck!



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