Cool and Clear Turquoise

This past week, I have been busy painting away but I am so happy to report that both rooms are painted!! YAY!!

I really wanted to get that part of the remodel finished because painting a few weeks before having a baby sounds like pure torture… plus, now I feel like I can move into the organizing and decorating stage of my projects which is my favorite part anyway!

I have been showing you little pieces from the boys room, but I want to move over to my daughters room for a bit. I wanted her room to bright and spunky and sassy and fun – because that is her little personality! I narrowed down the paint colors to three and let my husband pick the final one. The color that he picked was my third choice and the one I was on the fence about – but I went ahead and bought it. You know that moment when you want to go with the color that YOU want but feel like you will betray the hubs if you don’t honor his choice since you let him have it in the first place?? That is the moment I experienced and I stared at the color I wanted and said the color he wanted out loud -

I took the gallon home and got busy painting and it is BRIGHT – very bright – so bright that I thought Spencer would see it and say “Repaint!!” but when he walked in and saw it, he just smiled a big smile and said it was just what he had envisioned….

I’ll admit – it is a really pretty color – just a little more bright than I had envisioned… but it really is a pretty blue for a little girlie room! Over the past couple days the color has grown on me a little but I feel like I am going to have to bring in a lot of white to balance out all the blue. Besides white, I plan on accenting with a pink and a lime – I already have some projects in the works!!

What do you think about the color??



Unknown said...

Love the color! Very nice for a girls room with pops of lime and pink!

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

So pretty!

Robin @ Bird On A Cake said...

My favorite color! Love it! :0)

Unknown said...

Love it. Turquoise is one of my favorite colors!

Charity said...

I love it, it is such a beautiful color, happy and peaceful at the same time. =)

karen@somewhatquirky said...

The color is wonderful. Have fun decorating!

~C~ said...

Love this color! I think it will be totally awesome with your accent colors, they will help balance it all out. I just painted my laundry room with a barely turquoise and I can't wait for it all to be done (we are building our own house so a few more weeks!).


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