How to Make Simple Garden Boxes

This year is our fifth year living in our home, and the second time I have planted a garden.

The first year was two years ago and it was such a nightmare – I didn’t want to do one again until we could do it right. It was out of control and the weeds were insane. No matter how hard I tired, I just couldn’t keep up – Not to mention I was pregnant with Tenley at the time so it was really hard for me. Since our focus this spring has been our backyard, I knew it was time to do our garden the right way and plant once again. Funny – I am pregnant this go around too! haha. But I have a feeling it will be much easier this time around because Spencer built these nice and simple garden boxes.

For Mother’s Day, I told Spencer all I wanted were some nice raised gardening boxes – and obviously he listened and made them for me!

Since we knew we had a bunch of work to do in the backyard, he built them on our deck - For right now we have three – we may be adding two more in the future but three should be perfect for now.  Each box is 6 feet by 4 feet -  He used 4 pieces of 2 inch x 12 inch x 16 feet pressure treated lumber and cut each one to make the 6’ x 4’ boxes – Three pieces were cut 6’ x 6’ x 4’ and the last piece was cut into four 4’ pieces – then he used 3.5 inch weather resistant decking screws and screwed them together. There are three screws on each end.

They sat on our deck for a little over three weeks – Do you like how my kids toys are scattered around? Just keepin’ it real folks!

After the yard was graded and ready – we moved them into place. They aren’t too heavy and I was worried they would shift around if they weren’t anchored but adding all the dirt inside secured them in place.

Spencer was such a good sport and put them right where I wanted them and spaced them out perfectly – measuring tape and all!

IMG_4515 copy

Next he used roofing liner/moisture barrier for weed control. I think I mentioned before that he cleans out foreclosed homes – and found it at one of the homes and it was perfect to use (pinching every penny ya know!)  He cut it to the right size and and had it go about half way up the inside and screwed it into the sides using galvanized screws. Then he poked a bunch of holes around the outside for drainage. If you don’t have any roofing liner/moisture barrier just use the regular weed control mesh stuff.

Next, Spencer stopped by Bland’s Nursery and bought top soil in bulk and filled up our trailer. Dude, you guys!! Dirt is freaking expensive! I had no idea it would cost what it did – so it had better grow some nice veggies is all I’m sayin’!  Wheel barrow after wheel barrow after 14 wheel barrow loads – he had them filled with top soil and waiting for plants.  That is when I took over!

Pumpkins * Zucchini * Yellow Squash * Cucumbers

Tomatoes * Cherry Tomatoes * Bell, Red, Yellow and Jalapeno Peppers (Salsa box!)

There isn’t a lot too look at in that last box – But I guess it’s a good visual of what they looked like filled with top soil before planting but inside I have rows of corn, green beans and peas.

I love them and think they turned out so great!! I can’t wait to get our grass out there –  I think they will look awesome with the grass in between each one! Here’s to hoping they grow! I’ll keep you updated!! Are you guys doing a garden this year? What sorts of veggies do you grow?

Next up – The walk out basement!!



Stephanie said...

They look great! I hope they grow some nice veggies for you too...every year I think I'll plant something, and then I realize that almost no place in our yard gets any sun, except for the patch of grass we need to play in :)

Carolyn said...

They look great. Every year we plant tomatoes, snow peas, peppers (hot and bell), and cucumbers. I always pickle some cucumbers and also some green tomatoes with the hot peppers. They go great in salads all year long. Fresh tomatoes out of the garden are the best!

Irish Italian Blessings said...

What a great idea! I just had a friend that did garden boxes and had them put on pallets so they were raised and she wouldnt have to break her back bending over, I thought it was so genius!

Katie said...

Great tutorial! You'll love having tons of veggies growing in your back yard. It's a labor of love, but totally worth it!


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