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I am taking a break from backyard stuff today to share a little bit of my home! Since we have a little boy on the way, we are going to be moving my kids rooms around. Right now Quinn is in the smaller room and Tenley is in the bigger room so we need to switch it around and make the boy room bigger and the girl room smaller. This is going to be quite the project and I am hoping to have them both moved and the remodel done by the end of the summer (August) to give our kids time to adjust before the new baby arrives in October – With all of that being said – I wanted to share Quinn’s room with you. I have never shared his whole room on my blog and I thought it would be fun before I tear it all apart!! I put his room together 3 years ago before I started blogging.

We simply painted the bottom half of his room a navy blue and added the wall paper boarder that matched his bedroom set. His bedding is Cocalo Baby Sports Fan and I purchased it on-line. It came with all the crib stuff so right now the only parts that are still out are the sheet, quilt and valance. I love it and it worked perfect for our sweet little boy! I bought letters for his name at Hobby Lobby and painted them to match his bedding and then added footballs, basketballs, stars, baseball mitt and soccer balls to the letters. They came pre-painted and I simply used wood glue and glued them on.

IMG_4526 copy

We found his dresser on KSL classifieds and spent hours sanding the yellow paint off and re-stained it dark walnut to match his crib. When we moved him to a toddler bed we bought the walnut one to match.

IMG_1018 copy 

I also made the little sports plaques above his dresser. I went to the Wood Connection and bought the little wooden frames and bed board inserts and painted and sanded them to match his name and bedding. Then I bought the bigger sports balls to match his name and using wood glue – glued them on too! I bought my little wooden sports balls at Micheals but I have seen them at Jo-Ann’s as well.

When he got a little bit older I needed more storage for toys and books than just the little basket I had before. I used this old wooden bookshelf I had from who knows when, gave it a coat of Rustoleum Heirloom White and filled it with books and baskets to keep things a little more organized.

On the wall by his closet, I simply put up a little quote and called it good. Right now there is a real toy box sitting in his room full of extra blankets. I have always meant to redo it and really put his toys in there but never got around to it – this summer may just be the summer!!

IMG_4532 copy

Quinn’s room is one of my husband’s favorite rooms – and now three years later it is time to change it up and make it girly!! I have a lot of things planned for his (now her room) and it will be fun to change things up and add new colors and new personality to each room. Wish us luck!


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Victoria ObSEUSSed said...

Saw your link to this on Twitter. I love the sports room and the walnut color furniture. Amazing you were able to strip paint off the dresser and stain it. Looks beautiful! It will be a fun challenge to change this to a girl room.


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