Our Backyard: Part One

I feel like I haven’t posted any big projects in a little while but I can promise you, my husband – Spencer – and I have been super busy with a few!! Our main project this spring has been our backyard – and what a nightmare project it has been. When we moved into our nightmare of a home, our backyard (and front yard for that matter) were horrible. This is what we moved into:

backyard_chad_016 copybackyard_chad_017 copy
backyard_chad_019 copy
backyard_chad_014 copy

Pure Awesomeness!! Aren’t you jealous your backyard doesn’t look like a scary jungle!!??

As you can tell from the pictures we had a lot of work ahead of us. All together we ended up removing 14 – can I say that one more time – 14 trees. Every single one but the horrible Willow Tree in the back corner – was either dead, dying, poisoned or right in the very middle of the yard – boo! I hate cutting down trees, I feel like such a bad person – but really, they HAD to go! As of today – we are completely treeless in the backyard but that will totally change! We have some big fun plans!!

A year after we bought our house we cleared out a lot of the backyard – (remember the first 9 months were spent remodeling the inside!) These are the only photos I can find from then. I am sorry they are horrible but it at least gives you and idea of the work that we did.

backyard_chad_003 copybackyard_chad_030 copybackyard_chad_001 copy

Last year we removed the Willow Tree – You can see it in the very back corner of the yard. Say what you will – but I hate Willow Trees. They are so messy and I want a yard with little up keep. After all this hard work we are doing the last thing I want is a yard littered with horrible branches.

This year we cut down the Maple Tree – We held onto this one for as long as we could. It is a beautiful tree and provides so much shade to our yard – but as I mentioned, it was poisoned and was slowly dying. I was really sad to see it go, but I know it is for the best and we will be replacing it with some other nice trees soon.

We also tore out a bunch of our deck. The people who first built it, built it right on the ground and each year we have battled mice because of it. I hate mice – HATE MICE – so those smaller decks had to go, plus it leaves us with more yard space for our kids. We still have a large deck, which will be replaced next year, because it needs some much needed maintenance. So here is what we started with this year:

I was standing on our deck when I took this picture. I didn’t plan it like this – but where that rope is, is where we removed the lower deck. The dirt is pretty fine without any weeds – We moved a few of the lilac bushes that were growing along the wooden fence and replanted them along the stone fence in the very back. We rented a bobcat and Spencer graded our yard, removed TONS of random concrete throughout the yard and hauled in a bunch of compost – we are prepping for sod!!

In the above picture you can see the roof line where we tore out the deck – it was a covered deck – and even though this is totally ugly – it still looks so much better! So I haven’t been posting or working on other projects because I have been back there raking and raking pile after pile of compost. Tomorrow I am going to share with you the awesome garden boxes Spencer made for me! Stick around as I post updates!! It will be worth it – I promise!!



Cynthia said...

Yards are HUGE projects and take a lot of sweat! You've come a long way in a short time and I can't wait to see your garden boxes. There's nothing like growing your own produce!

Let me know when you get ready for plants if you need some advice on which ones will work best for your desired effect (that's what I do). I'd be happy to help you figure out what to plant. See you at the Garden on Saturday and thanks for your help getting the word out!

Brittany @ My Decoupaged Life said...

Yards can be so much work! We've had our yard for a year and a half now and our backyard is nowhere close to being done. We took out tons of bushes but there are still more and we've definitely been battling weeds. Slowly but surely we'll get there! You've done awesome so far and I'm excited to see the final product!


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